Gil do Vigor is arrested by US Immigration Police after

Gil do Vigor is arrested by US Immigration Police after raising suspicions: "They said it…"


The former BBB eventually had to explain himself after going through a perrengue

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Former BBB Gil do Vigor got complicated outside the country. The former reality star took to social media to share an amazing perrengue walking past the airport. It turns out that Gil was stopped by the immigration police and had to accompany the agents to a room where suspicious passengers are being held.

There he had to answer some questions that were put to him. According to the influencer, the fact happened because Gil would be returning to Brazil one day and the United States the next, which would have raised suspicions among the police.

“I got here in Atlanta. I’m in force. They put me in the little room for the first time, they said, ‘What do you mean you went to Brazil one day and came back the next?'” , said the former BBB, describing the agents’ overall approach. When asked about it, he said he was going to work.

He then also explains the answer he would have given in relation to his commitments. “If you’re doing your doctorate, why did you go to work?” “I said, ‘Why can I have multiple assignments,’ because I’m like, fancy, fine, you know? A fine person is like that, they go back and forth,” he said.