Giovanna Civitillo flowers and a ring for her the special

Giovanna Civitillo, flowers and a ring for her, the special dedication: "look into my heart" Spetteguless

Giovanna Civitillo –

As the wife of Amadeus, she has often been subjected to quite unfair criticism, and yet Giovanna Civitillo has never lost the desire to show the presenter's fans that she has talent and is capable of doing television just like her husband.

Giovanna Civitillo

Giovanna Civitillo –

Lately, Giovanna Civitillo She is more active and present on television than she was a few years ago. Life as a mother has literally made him change his priorities. As a little girl, she dreamed of being successful as a showgirl on television. This is exactly why she was hired as an all-round professor“Legacy, a program that Amadeus has been leading for years.”

The two met on the well-known TV quiz show and fell in love. Giovanna told us several times ironically what their first meeting was like. Ama's wife actually confessed without any problems not having immediately felt something for the host. While for him it was a kind of love at first sight, for her it was a slow but deep falling in love.

Little by little, actually Giovanna recognized the importance of Amadeus in his life. It was precisely for this reason that the two decided to try to be together privately and started a family when Jose was born. Today he is a promising soccer star, just like his father dreamed of.

Giovanna Civitillo, special gifts for Amadeus' wife

In the last few hours, Giovanna Civitillo posted a photo in her stories which immediately caught the attention of fans. The showgirl showed off a beautiful red stone ring with a very special dedication: “Look into my heart.” Poetic words designed to make an intimate moment between two engaged couples special. In short, the ideal ring for a wedding vow.

The story of Giovanna Civitillos IG

The story of Giovanna Civitillos IG –

Giovanna probably received it as a gift, as shown by the thanks to Mario Sposato, an artist and entrepreneur. A very nice gesture that Giovanna wanted to share with the web.

Gifts like this don't come along every day. However, if you are a well-known person, an expensive gift is more likely to arrive. Sometimes it's just advertising. On social media, thanks to the large fan base, Some profiles receive greedy compensation for their shares, in proportion to their visibility.

If you have a very popular profile, your posts will be well paid. Definitely Giovanna can't keep up with an influencer like Chiara Ferragni but his profile is definitely very popular. She and Ama shared it once because the host always emphasized that he wasn't a big fan of social media. However, at the last festival, Fedez's wife made sure the festival host had one too by opening it live on television.