Here are 10 beautiful gang shows to listen to during

Here are 10 beautiful gang shows to listen to during spring break

Childhood comes with openness. youth with doubts. In any case, friendship is essential to youth. Find orientation, experiment, forge identity. As Spring Break kicks off, here are ten series featuring gangs capable of bringing generations together in front of the TV.

Welcome… or almost!

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Nick, Loïc, Léa and Fred are siblings. They were abandoned by their mother but are trying to create their own happiness. Luckily, they can count on each other, even if they don’t always agree like siblings. We argue, we laugh, we help each other. They live with their aunt. Like all young people, they try to push their limits, but above all they don’t want to question this new way of living together.

Friday 5 p.m. on ICI Télé

The Knights

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Friendships are made with passion. This is the case of Charlie, Sam and Simone, who share their everyday life at Camp Les Cavaliers. Charlie is persistent. Despite her accident, she wants to get back on her horse Orion. Simone is lively, she wants everyone to be happy. Sam is the seducer. They listen to each other. But as in any sport, they want to achieve something, to perform. It is an environment in which competition can take place. Same with Ana, Charlie’s sworn enemy.

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The House of Fools

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Sahara, Alizée, Erika, Dolores and Fauve are five young girls from the DPJ. Her childhood was not easy, torn apart by family dramas. They all have very different paths, but all end up with Matante, a life-shattered woman who agrees to share what little she has. The first season was marked by the arrival of Sahara, freshly landed from Africa. Its integration did not go smoothly. Through the harassment, the pettiness, the running away, the young girl managed to find a family among these girls. In Season 2, they’re still as close as ever, but age is forcing them to confront a new reality.

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The pact

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In real life, Aïna, Arnaud and Théo would not be friends. They are too different. You would even be the type to pretend the others don’t exist. But a secret connects them. Hence the importance of a pact in order not to lose earned (or self-conferred) status. They all hide fears, vulnerabilities, unease. But thanks to this pact, they feel a little less alone, more understood, united, almost invincible in the face of what’s wrong, injustice, or what might come their way.

Monday to Thursday 6:30 p.m. on Télé-Québec

I want to be deleted

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Karine, Mélissa and Eddy lived in the same building on the edge of the Métropolitain in Saint-Michel. A corner that does not give a gift. Coming from shaky families, they were pushed aside and further weakened. Eddy’s mother comes from a vicious circle of violence, Karine’s father is fighting for his job and Mélissa and her siblings had to be placed. They lead their lives in parallel, but face similar challenges and develop a little empathy for each other. In the forthcoming season two, everyone continues to meet at school as high school draws to a close and graduation might give them some hope.

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Like chicken heads

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The Babin Bibeaus have three children: Victoria, Félix and Flavie. Victoria is the extrovert, the drama queen. Félix is ​​rather reserved, curious and goes about his business. Flavie is impulsive and alert. Unknowingly, she often sows trouble. There are also school friends: Marie, the committed girl, Zoé, who would like to be an influencer, Lounis, the romantic geek, Manolo, the geek who wants to be cool, Cindy, Victoria’s enemy, Sigis, the clumsy and Pierre-Charles, the liar and enemy of Flavie. Although their everyday life is similar to that of most young people, it is never banal and always full of humour.

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The complicated life of Léa Olivier

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As the first heroine in a series of popular novels, Léa Olivier made it onto the small screen. Two seasons are currently available. The first is about his move, the difficulty of leaving his best friend Marilou, his friend Thomas, accepting that Sarah is turning him over, joining a new gang, making new connections with Éloi, Maude and the Nunuches too tolerate . The second season takes place in summer, when new challenges await young people: first jobs, trips, new loves.

Available on Club Ilco

The red bracelets

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Trials create bonds. This is the case with Justin, Félix, Flavie, Lou, Kevin and now Margot. These teenagers met at La Rive Hospital. Félix, eternal optimist, is the leader of the gang. A cancer gnaws at him and forces him to spend the best years of his youth in the children’s ward. It is he who distributes the red bracelets, the famous bracelets of courage. Justin is also living with cancer. A replay brings him back to the walls of the asylum. Flavie struggles with a severe eating disorder, Lou with mental health issues. Margot, the newcomer, also saw a cancer diagnosis fall upon her. Kevin is the joke. His poor shots prompted him to serve out his sentence in hospital, where he brings some sunshine. Solidarity is at the heart of their friendship. All united in need.

Tuesday at 8 p.m VAT


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Camille, Alexis, Margaux, Anaïs and Thibault share the same party date. Coincidentally, they find themselves in the same building and quickly form a solid friendship. The kind of friendship you need as you step into adult life with its doubts, desires, joys, disappointments, and angers. You are in your early twenties and have a desire to free yourself, to realize yourself. Above all, be happy. Camille is in search of the truth, Alexis overcomes her demons, Margaux tries not to drown her sorrow, Anaïs not to compensate for her father’s absence and Thibault has big ambitions. We follow them into their wounds, into their love. Face your dreams.

Tuesday at 9 p.m VAT

Lou and Sophie

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Louise and Sophie are two best friends. As different as they are, they are inseparable. The end of high school marks her desire for freedom. Together they came to the conclusion that the sabbatical is the only way to live her life without having to make all the adult life decisions that await her. It’s time to take advantage of it. It is also an opportunity to save memories. The friends have known each other since they were children and know that they must part ways.

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