Hong Kong Four arrested after dismembered mannequin discovered

Hong Kong: Four arrested after dismembered mannequin discovered

Hong Kong police have arrested four people for the murder of a 28-year-old model who was dismembered after a dispute over money with her ex-husband’s family, authorities said on Saturday.

The partial remains of influencer Abby Choi, who appeared on the digital cover of fashion magazine L’Officiel Monaco last week, have been found in a village house set up to dismember her, police say.

She has been missing since Wednesday.

“We’re still looking for the head,” Alan Chung, a Hong Kong police chief, told reporters after revealing the discovery of female limbs in a refrigerator.

“Two pots of stew believed to contain human tissue” were left at the scene, along with an electric saw and meat grinder that had been used to mince human flesh, Mr Chung said.

Abby Choi’s ex-husband, a 28-year-old man surnamed Kwong, was arrested for murder on Saturday afternoon while attempting to flee the city by boat, Chung said.

This man’s father and mother, as well as his older brother, had been arrested the day before for the same reason.

“We believe the victim and her ex-husband’s family had many arguments over large sums of money,” Chung said.

“Someone was dissatisfied with the way the victim was managing their wealth, which became a motive for the killing.”

Abby Choi was reportedly last seen by her ex-husband’s brother, who was her driver. Police said the family previously lied to mislead investigators.

The house where Abby Choi’s remains were found was recently rented and unfurnished, suggesting the site had been prepared for disposal of the body, police said.

On Saturday, a hundred police officers combed a cemetery where the young woman’s remains may have been dumped, Mr Chung said.