Hostomel Pictures of the battle that thwarted Putins blitzkrieg in

Hostomel: Pictures of the battle that thwarted Putin’s blitzkrieg in Ukraine

The Kremlin lord had gambled on attacking an airport near Kiev in order to take the Ukrainian capital in a few days. Victory would have changed everything, but the Russian troops failed. After the CheckNews story, back in the video on this crucial fight.

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They are images of a battle that could have changed the course of the war in Ukraine. On February 24, 2022, as Russian troops crossed the country’s borders, about thirty Kremlin helicopters loaded with elite paratroopers flew to Hostomel Airport, a few dozen kilometers from Kiev. your goal? Use these runways to land reinforcements during the night of February 24-25. Enough troops, according to Moscow’s plans, to take the Ukrainian capital before reinforcements arrive from Donbass or the international community cannot react. A Russian blitzkrieg attempt that the Ukrainian General Staff will quickly understand, throwing all available forces into battle.

After its report on the Hostomel battle, CheckNews reports with the video service Liberation on these three days that changed the war in Ukraine: pictures of the attack, interviews with experts and the report of a Ukrainian paratrooper fighting at the airport.