How to transfer music to your Samsung Galaxy Watch to

How to transfer music to your Samsung Galaxy Watch to listen to it when you don’t have to –

We explain in detail all the steps you need to follow to save on your Galaxy Watch the music and audio files you have downloaded to your smartphone.

Enjoy your favorite songs offline on your Galaxy Watch with this simple trick

The main obstacle of Samsung smartwatches and the rest of the devices running Wear OS is that they need to have an internet connection, either through the mobile application or via an e-SIM card, in order to be able to perform the vast majority of its functions. . But with that in mind, the Galaxy Watch still lets you save songs to its internal storage to listen to even when you don’t have your phone nearby.

For this reason, below we explain step by step how to transfer music from your Android phone to your Samsung Galaxy Watch and how to configure it so that the new music you add on your smartphone is automatically saved on .the watch .

It’s that easy to save your favorite songs on your Samsung Galaxy Watch

The procedure to transfer all the music from your phone to your Galaxy Watch is very simple and the first thing you need to do is open the Galaxy Wearable application on your Android, go to the watch’s settings section and click on the “Manage Content” option ” to click .

Go to the “Galaxy Wearable” app, click on the “Watch Settings” option and then click on the “Manage Content” button.

Next, in the Music section, you will see three buttons: Add Track, Remove Track, and Auto Sync. If you want to add songs manually, just go to the Add Tracks option, select the tracks you are interested in by checking the box that appears to the left of each of them and click the Add to button Watch, which is located in the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on the “Add Songs” option, select the songs you want to transfer to the Galaxy Watch and tap on the “Add to Watch” button.

However, if you prefer all the songs you download to your smartphone to be automatically added to your Galaxy Watch, turn on the switch to the right of the “Auto sync” option, give the watch the necessary permissions, and press the button “Add tracks”. A bar with the transfer progress of all songs appears at the top and a list with all of them at the bottom.

You should know that using this method will transfer the music and audio files that you have stored on your device. So if you don’t want them to be saved, you can select the songs manually or, after all contents have been transferred, go to the “Delete Tracks” section, select all audio files and double-click the “Delete” button .

Tap on the “Delete Tracks” option, select the audios you want to delete and double-tap on the “Delete” button.

Once you’re done, you can listen to any songs you’ve transferred from your Galaxy Watch music player, which you can access from the app drawer, or by creating an app drawer card on your watch. To do this, you need to go to the main menu of the Galaxy Wearable application, go to the “Cards” section, in the “Add Cards” section find the “Media Controller” option, click on the “+” sign that appears on the right and click on the Save button.

Go to the “Cards” section, press the “+” sign to the right of the “Media Controller” option and click the “Save” button.

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