quotI hated youquot Fedez breaks out his grudge He has

"I hated you": Fedez breaks out his grudge: He has it with a very famous colleague | e's why metropolinotizie.it Metropoli Rekordie

The rapper, podcaster and entrepreneur Fedez.  (ANSA) - Metropolinotizie.itThe rapper, podcaster and entrepreneur Fedez. (ANSA) – Metropolinotizie.it

The rapper's words leave no room for imagination: the resentment has consumed him so much that the relationship with him is ruined forever.

Among all the characters on the Internet and television known for their inability to maintain strong relationships over long periods of timeFedez is perhaps the (unfortunately) most famous.

The Milanese artist has a long list of friendships behind him ended with arguments and dissent about which no light has ever been shed.

First steps from his relationship with his colleague J-Axgoing through the recent feud with Youtuber and creator Louis SalFedez regularly massacres hearts in friendship relationships.

During a conversation his tendency to hold grudges resurfaced with a person he openly admitted he hated: but for what reason?

She can't resist telling him what she thinks to his face

An unexpected chapter of reconciliation begins in the story of the friendship and collaboration between Fedez and Fabio Rovazzi. The two artists, who had experienced a period of tension and arguments between 2017 and 2018, decided to add water to the fire of disagreement joint participation in an episode of “Muschio Selvaggio”. While recording the episode of Fedez's podcast, the rapper couldn't hold back by criticizing Rovazzi for some previous takes that he never digested.

The reasons for their separation have been unclear for a long time. The dispute between the two seemed to have not only ended an artistic collaboration, but also to a long friendship. However, time seems to have played a fundamental role in the possibility of repairing relationships, and although Fedez's words may seem harsh The two of them also solved this problem with laughter.

Fabio Rovazzi in a clash with Fedez.  (ANSA) - Metropolinotizie.itFabio Rovazzi in a clash with Fedez. (ANSA) – Metropolinotizie.it

Jokes about Chiara: Is it her fault?

“I hated you back then, you were hatefulFedez exploded during the chat with Rovazzi. The actor and YouTuber responded with a nervous laugh, perhaps asking about the motivation behind so much hate so the fans can hear it too. “I remember personally making a deal for you with a big film producer who gave you a lot of money…“Fedez continues; “And me I rejected itRovazzi admits and continues to laugh.

The reason for Fabio's refusal to produce one of his films was clarified in the subsequent exchangeduring which Rovazzi admitted I didn't appreciate the production's creative decisions: “The movie was shit!” he admitted. “I had to go back in time and Smooching with Chiara Ferragni“ he then explained and threw one dig to the rapper. In fact, there had been rumors in the past that Fedez's wife had interfered played a role in the breakdown of the friendship between the two artists. Fabio Rovazzi, on the other hand he has always denied any involvement of Chiara Ferragni in the disputeand emphasized that the search for guilt and responsibility is misplaced.

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