quotI wanted to discover the man he is todayquot

"I wanted to discover the man he is today" explains Claudine, who has fallen in love with an American death row inmate

An extraordinary love story. This is what Claudine says during her portrait program on TF1 on Sunday 26 December in the program “Sept à Huit”. The young woman fell in love with Ronnie four years ago. an American sentenced to death for two murders.

It all started when Claudine exchanged her first emails with Ronnie, who was 51 at the time. She is 28, married and has four children. Claudine breeds cats in a village near Perpignan. She recounts her first exchange with the prisoner: “In the beginning we will talk about the death penalty, its conditions, which we call solitary confinementthat is, 23 hours a day in a cell of 5 square meters.”

The young woman is upset: “It’s really his soul, his deep self. The soul of a killer, but also the soul of a man, I’ve always wanted to separate that.” She adds, “He made a mistake, but I wanted to discover the man he is today.“Claudine and Ronnie married in 2022 and the young woman intends to go to the United States to join her husband, despite the risk of having her sentence carried out.

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