1704003022 Identity of Devil and His Masked Associates Revealed at AEW

Identity of Devil and His Masked Associates Revealed at AEW Worlds End – Wrestling Inc.

The devil goes to the ring in AEW


The devil has been revealed, Bay-Bay.

The AEW Worlds End went off the air in shocking fashion as Samoa Joe defeated MJF to become the new AEW World Champion. As Joe took off, Adam Cole entered the ring to comfort his best friend after the devastating loss. Soon, four masked men appeared at ringside and quickly entered the ring, ready to face both MJF and Cole.

Three of the masked men held Cole and MJF while one stood in the middle with a chair, ready to punch either of them. Then the lights went off and on again, and Cole sat in the chair while the four men stood behind him. Seconds later, they all removed their masks and identified themselves as Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven and Wardlow. They continued to beat MJF as Cole watched and saw that his foot was obviously still injured. Regardless, Adam Cole is actually the devil.

The foundation was laid for all five of these men to be there for several weeks. Wardlow has been demanding a shot at MJF's world title since his recent return, while Strong and The Kingdom constantly accused MJF of being the devil himself. It appears that Cole had his reasons for turning his back on his opponent-turned-tag-team-partner, although we have yet to learn the full motivating factor behind his decision. One thing is for sure: Cole has officially sided with his former partners Strong, Bennett and Taven while adding a powerhouse like Wardlow into the mix.