It wont end like Harry William and Kate reflect on

“It won’t end like Harry.” William and Kate reflect on Charlotte’s future

“William and I talked about it…he told me…his kids aren’t my problem, I still feel responsible knowing out of those three kids at least one is going to end up like me, as a backup,” he said Prince Harry, spoke about “second child syndrome” during an interview with the Telegraph on January 13. The Duke would be convinced that Charlotte and Louis, the children of William and Kate, are also destined for a bleak and frustrating future in the shadow of their eldest son, George. However, the Princes of Wales are already studying a plan to ensure them a peaceful future and ensure history does not repeat itself.

“He will find a job”

Wilhelm and Kate, like every parent in the world, wants their children to fulfill their dreams and follow their passions. Prince George is destined for the throne, he is being raised as a future king should be, but equally important is the future of Charlotte and Louis. British tabloids have speculated about it Princess Charlotte in particular, it will one day boast the title of “Princess Royal”, proudly borne today by Princess Anna, daughter of Queen Elizabeth. Some pundits even believe the little girl will be a full-time working royal, ready to support her brother George and the institution, and that once he takes the throne it will be William who will grant her the coveted new title will lend .

Perhaps things will not go as Richard Eden, quoted by the Chron, reveals. “From what I’ve heard, the Prince and Princess of Wales want 7-year-old Charlotte to grow up with the prospect of having a job and not being a full-time queen.” The same awareness that Louis apparently needs to mature as well. THE Princes of Wales They would have no intention of forcing upon the second and third born a lifestyle already enshrined within the walls of the palace, framed in the rules of protocol.

In George’s reign, children should not become extras, relegated to the fringes of the monarchy, but rather be the protagonists of their own lives, able to choose what they want to become. Above all Wilhelm And Kate They would fear that Charlotte and Louis might grow up dissatisfied and frustrated, as apparently happened to Prince Harry. Richard Eden explained: “The book [di Harry] stimulates reflection on how we can avoid a repetition of the relationship between the heir and the reserve.

For a leaner monarchy

The risk that the “curse of the second born” could return and hit Charlotte or her little prince louis it’s not that remote. The type of upbringing William and Kate would provide to their children would be structured to allow each of them full expression of their individuality and independence. That doesn’t mean stepping down the line and forgetting the responsibilities imposed by family altogether. Eden emphasized: “[Anche] If Charlotte needs to find a job and isn’t an active member of the Company (the Company, as the royal family is known, ed.), she will be [comunque] necessary to be ready to intervene if necessary”. For example, if you have to replace your parents or your brother at certain events.

The crown therefore does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past, but at the same time must look to the future. Explaining to children that they cannot always count on the privileges granted by the monarchy is also a fundamental step in putting the idea of ​​a “lean monarchy” into action Charles III I had in the back of my mind for years.

Richard Eden did not hide a certain disappointment in this regard: “I would like to see a broader royal family, carrying out more official duties and … encountering the public.” However, His Majesty knows that times have changed and so has the perception of the monarchy among the people. It no longer makes sense and could be counterproductive to present yourself as a large royal family draining the treasury. It seems the Windsors want to emulate the monarchies of northern Europe, whose ‘lean’ image has become a trademark. Maybe by going this route that Royal family it will lose much of its charm and aura of mystery, but it will ensure the survival of the British Crown.