Italian restaurateur causes controversy with pineapple pizza

Italian restaurateur causes controversy with pineapple pizza

12/30/2023 3:02 pm (current 12/30/2023 3:25 pm)

Vehement reactions on the Internet – criticism too "pasta with cheese"

Vehement reactions on the Internet – also criticism of “Macaroni and Cheese” ©Canva | Instagram

Italians are proud of their gastronomic tradition. They make a point of having the best cuisine in the world. And they want to defend them.

A famous pizzaiolo from Naples, owner of several restaurants in Italy and abroad, has already received a lot of criticism for including pizza with pineapple on the menu. The dish, particularly popular in the USA, is considered by many Italians to be a true culinary sacrilege.

“There are many prejudices against pizza with pineapple”

Gino Sorbillo, “King of Pizzaistas of Naples”, declared that pizza with pineapple is good. “You can’t judge anything without trying it first. There are a lot of prejudices against pizza with pineapple,” Sorbillo said in a video of himself enjoying the controversial combination.

Given the many critical reactions online, Sorbillo announced that pineapple pizza will soon be on the menus at all of its restaurants. Critics accused Sorbillo of a clever marketing campaign.

Italian cuisine should become cultural heritage

Meanwhile, the government in Rome is pressing for Italian gastronomy to be included on the list of intangible cultural heritage. “Italian cuisine is a treasure and must be defended,” Italian Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida said recently, according to media reports. A corresponding dossier is now being sent to UNESCO by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome.

The Coldiretti agricultural association complained that many Italian recipes had been distorted abroad, so that the original dish could no longer be recognized. The example given was the Macaroni and Cheese dish, that is, pasta with cheese sauce, popular in the USA and which has nothing in common with the Italian pasta tradition.