LEO: HOROSCOPE FROM FEBRUARY 27 TO MARCH 5, 2023 Simon & the Stars

Via Mercurio from the opposition and from next week also Saturn (and these are headlines!). Dear Leone, Over the next two months, prepare to lay down an important trump card. That means it’s good to move any initiative or work response you want to implement/receive already in these days. To assist you, there’s a certain pragmatic spirit in business that in a way pushes you to aim squarely at “outcome”. You don’t want to waste time between false promises and conflicting recommendations! Because of this, you are in the midst of some assessments or “plans of attack” that by the end of March may give you the answers you want or, on rarer occasions, could lead you to revolutionary decisions for change. I’m thinking, for example, of those collaborations that seemed to be developing…

…and instead they have proved fuzzy and unsuccessful to those who have misadvised you on a deal and, at that moment, do not want to take their responsibilities. But also to those bosses who have promised you a change in the terms of the contract and are still hesitating in the dark. Someone has already taken control of the situation and achieved it, while others need to take courage and make their voices heard. Also because now, strengthened by some recent results, it rightly wants to dictate its own terms! Certain future plans can already be clarified a start of the week or on the day of Friday 3. When I say “results” I am also referring to the economics of the job: if you feel something is wrong in your business, then it is important to check the accounts (if you are a freelancer) or to ask for more (if you are an employee). The most important thing is to move… now! (continues)