Letter to the editor on changing the pyrotechnics law Update

Letter to the editor on changing the pyrotechnics law: Update: When will private fireworks finally be banned? meinkreis.at

Wouldn't it be a commendable and long-awaited New Year's resolution for the government to finally review the pyrotechnics law and permanently ban private fireworks?

The suffering of the numerous domestic and wild animals whose lives are in danger from exploding firecrackers and bomb-like fireworks,… to the many birds that fall dead from the sky,… to fine dust pollution, .. … the remaining garbage,… The damage to the environment and the health risks to us humans seem to be repeatedly filed away. The topic of pyrotechnics is a current and urgent concern. …

Prohibition of the sale of pyrotechnic products
For many of our fellow citizens, every year the question arises as to when the federal government will finally stop the sale of pyrotechnic products in advance. This could prevent abuse and at least significantly reduce the horrific and uncontrolled raids on New Year's Eve.

General ban on fireworks and fireworks for private individuals
Private rocket launching should finally be banned!
In my opinion, only a general ban on pyrotechnics for private individuals represents a long-term solution to protect people, animals and the environment.

Fireworks only by professionals
A sensible compromise to satisfy the desires of custom and tradition would be a professional pyrotechnic display that only takes place on special occasions, such as New Year's Eve and/or large controlled events, in a properly selected location – far from places where sensitive creatures are present, which can only be done by professionals! …
This does not take hours or even days, as is now practiced by private shooters and spirited people at Christmas time and before, during and after New Year's Eve. …
The government would thus put an end to the current terror of private fireworks for the common good.

Petition to the federal government
VGT continues to support the ban on private fireworks and the promotion of public alternatives that are friendly to the environment, animals and people. Please join this important petition with your signature so that senseless shooting victims can be prevented in the future!

>>> Link to the petition

Happy New Year and greetings Silvia

Note: Updated December 30, 2023, 11:37 pm / December 31, 2021, 3:30 am