Like a mouse Video shows how Alice Schwarzer attacks ZDF

“Like a mouse”: Video shows how Alice Schwarzer attacks ZDF reporter Fabian Köster Tagesspiegel

Despite the hail and the cold, many thousands of people followed Alice Schwarzer and Sahra Wagenknecht’s call for a demonstration in Berlin on Saturday under the slogan “Rebellion for Peace”.

After the event, Schwarzer pushed her way through the crowd when she was intercepted by “heute show” ZDF reporter Fabian Köster.

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In a video recording posted on YouTube by Elijah Tee, who calls himself an “alternative media creator,” you can see Schwarzer asking a ZDF reporter, “Are you a satirical show?”

You’re such a clichéd guy that you bore me.

Alice Schwarzer to Fabian Köster

Köster then responds, “I think today was a partly satirical event.” According to the journalist, many demonstrators blamed NATO.

Alice Schwarzer then says goodbye with a brief “You know, you’re boring me” and continues to push her way through the crowd.

A few meters further on, the women’s rights activist mistakes Spiegel TV reporter Adrian Altmayer for a journalist from today’s show.

In the video you can see how she points to the Spiegel journalist and her partner asks “Is that the one on the funny show today?” (can be seen in timecode 02:16:50).

When Alice Schwarzer waves to some demonstrators a few minutes later, Köster seizes the opportunity again and speaks to the 80-year-old. The video excerpt is here:

As the news magazine “t-online” reports, the women’s rights activist “became abusive” and “seriously offended” Köster. In the video, Schwarzer tells Köster, “I can see it in your face that you are satisfied and you consider yourself important.”

Köster is “such a cliché guy that he bores me”, he continues. According to “t-online”, Schwarzer would have muttered “What a rat” as he left. The incident can be seen in the video of timecode 02:20:56.

Alice Schwarzer and Sahra Wagenknecht wanted to substantiate their demands of the controversial “Manifesto for Peace” at the rally.

After the demonstration at the Brandenburg Gate, police spoke of around 13,000 participants – organizers estimated the number at 50,000.

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Conflicts were feared in advance because of the broad political spectrum expected of the demonstrators. The event has at times been met with severe criticism, not least because isolated right-wing and right-wing extremists mingled with attendees.

Critics accused Schwarzer and Wagenknecht of being naive and deceitful. (with dpa)

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