1704004944 Lilian Falcon former sailor in Loupian was overwhelmed by the

Lilian Falcon, former sailor in Loupian, was overwhelmed by the Tintin wave – Midi Libre

Characters, cartoons, cars, comics… The Loupianais has everything from his favorite comic character. So much so that today we have a rare and very sentimental collection.

In the pages of her favorite Tintin albums, Lilian Falcon would have been seen taking command of Professor Tournesol's shark-shaped submarine in Red Rackham's Treasure. Or maybe pilot the lunar rocket in Objectif Lune. Or why not, the former fisherman of Sète, sail at the helm of the impressive Licorne…

“A timeless character, it is passed on from generation to generation”

The Loupianais lives the adventures of his favorite character by collecting everything that has to do with him for around thirty years. “These are childhood memories,” reports the 55-year-old enthusiast. “Tintin is a timeless character, he is passed down from generation to generation.”

A miniature of Captain Haddock in "Red Rackham's Treasure".

A miniature of Captain Haddock in Red Rackham's Treasure. Free Midi – VICTOR GUILLOTEAU

For him, it all started with the plastic figures sold by Esso for the first animated film “Tintin and the Shark” (1972). “Previously there was “The Secret of the Golden Fleece” (1961) and “Blue Oranges” (1964),” explains expert Lilian. From there his undeniable passion will emerge: cars, figurines, watches, cake boxes, cards, advertising posters… “I shop a lot, I love shopping. I also often go to Tintin stores. I'm always looking for that little thing that…” will suit me. Make you want to buy. I fall in love.”

Comic characters immortalized in figures

He owns several copies of the comics. Lilian, who readily admits to her headstrong character “like Captain Haddock,” has set herself the goal of looking for the very first issues from the 50s or even 40s. “The further back in time you go, the harder it is to find them.” But that’s also what makes them valuable,” he says, before showing the piece that has the most value for him: a Tim and Struppi diary from 1996, with the cover of Le Petit Vingtième from 1933 on the cover. This diary is only offered to their customers by Hergé sellers in Belgium. This was given to a Belgian mechanic who gave it to me.”

Larger-than-life figures, references to Hergé's albums.

Larger-than-life figures, references to Hergé's albums. Free Midi – VICTOR GUILLOTEAU

In her windows on the mezzanine of her house, Lilian proudly displays the Atlas cars from the Tintin universe and the characters that every comic fan knows. Her facial expressions are astonishingly realistic and take you back to childhood. Everything is numbered, some in very limited editions, like the Pixi figures, “only owned by collectors”.

Looking for the unicorn…

Yeti from Tintin in Tibet, Professor Tournesol's shark submarine, reproduction of the statuette from “The Broken Ear” … All the characters (or almost all) in the comics recall the young reporter's wanderings, from the sands of the Sahara to the glaciers of the Himalayas, passing through the forests of the Amazon and the Scottish highlands.

Rare objects and childhood memories.

Rare objects and childhood memories. Free Midi – VICTOR GUILLOTEAU

Recently, the collector started looking for old rubber Lu figures. He already has Tintin in his Objectif Lune cosmonaut suit. He would also like to find a seaplane. And above all, treat yourself to a model of the famous unicorn from “The Secret of the Unicorn”. “That would be nice for an ex-Marine.” A thousand portholes! We won't blame him…