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Lino Banfi on Maurizio Costanzo: “Now he will be with my wife Lucia, who died three days ago”

Lino Banfi also traveled to Campioglio, where many paid their last respects to Maurizio Costanzo. The actor wanted to link this disappearance to that of his wife Lucia.

Lino Banfi at Maurizio Costanzo's funeral home (LaPresse)

Lino Banfi at Maurizio Costanzo’s funeral home (LaPresse)

Lino Banfi arrived at Campidoglio in the afternoon, where the burial chamber of the journalist and TV presenter Maurizio Costanzo, who died yesterday at the age of 84, has been set up. The Apulian actor has just returned from another grief: a few days ago his wife Lucia died, and it is precisely with this grief that Banfi linked Costanzo’s disappearance, trying, even from journalists, to keep a certain levity, Costanzo remembered with affection and an old sketch of them, which spoke of death and was from the 90s: “In the 90s we made a video where we made up a sketch where we pretended to be old and he made the joke: “Lino , you will die before me because you are two years older”, and I would answer: “And who said that?”. We talked about other peers like Baudo and others.

At this point, the actor who has emerged in recent years A place in the hearts of the Italians who play Nonno Libero in the series “A Doctor in the Family” linked Costanzo’s disappearance with that of his wife: “How strange fate is: in these days my wife also died, her parents were buried there the day before yesterday and I jokingly – always at the beginning, because in these cases it’s for the best, otherwise we all always cry – I said: “You see that they died almost at the same time, Maurizio and my wife, and Maurizio with the gallantry who honored him must have said: “Lucia, after you.” And he went through my wife first while he did it after two days. And so we say goodbye, they will be together now”.

Lino Banfi’s wife, Lucia Zagaria, disappeared on February 22. The woman had Alzheimer’s disease, as her daughter Rosanna had repeatedly repeated, also a protagonist of Dancing with the Stars a few weeks ago, who broke the news of the disappearance: “Hello mommy, now you’re traveling again”. In an interview with He explained to Verissimo: “Mum hasn’t been doing well for a few years and she always feels the need for dad nearby. She’s always looking for him and that comes before anything else, before anything else: Health and Family Union”. During the funeral, which took place two days ago, the actor had said: “Like many people, I see that my wife is more famous than me, that means we have sown well. With my wife, I always said that we built well with good material and we built this rust-proof, earthquake-proof and malicious house, but I didn’t expect it to be so strong. Now it’s overtime for me and then penalties.