Lorena Alvarez was touched live by this song by Pedro

Lorena Álvarez was touched live by this song by Pedro Suárez Vértiz El Comercio Perú

The Peruvian art community is in mourning after the singer's death was confirmed Pedro Suarez Vertiz last December 28th. Faced with this news, many regret the departure of one of the best Peruvian artists who made great contributions to the music industry with his songs that were an international success and that are still listened to with emotion today.

The admiration for the singer-songwriter is difficult to hide and the journalist Lorena Álvarez was no stranger to this sensation. The TV presenter was touched live when he heard one of the musician's songs during the information program “Latina Noticias” while telling the news of his death.


Lorena Álvarez was commenting on the presence of Suárez Vértiz on the national stage in recent years when suddenly the song “Lo olvidé” began to sound, one of the composer's most famous songs, and at that moment the journalist expressed that This song always made her cry and dedicated some warm words to it.

“Those of us who had the opportunity to get to know you are left with your human warmth. From here, a big greeting to his family, to Cynthia, who I met when I was very little, when Pedro wasn't exactly traveling as a soloist,” explained the journalist, his voice breaking.

Later, the TV presenter emphasized that Pedro Suárez Vértiz was a person very loved by his family, his friends and his followers, who affectionately called him “Pedrito”. “I am very sad to announce the death of such a talented person. Rest in peace, Pedro,” the communicator added.


In recent years, Pedro Suárez Vértiz withdrew from public life after being diagnosed with bulbar palsy, a motor neuron disease that affects speech and mouth movements. Despite his condition, he was very active on social networks, where he published various stories and messages for his followers, as well as publications about his daily life.

On his official

“I always try to eliminate my destructive “I”. Discipline with hope is the only solution. I try not to constantly settle for pleasure, money or new things. Remember the sentence: “Rich is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least,” the musician wrote in his publication.

On Instagram and Facebook, however, he recently shared a video that he said showed him spending Christmas with his family.

“How do I get out of the Christmas spirit after watching this video? I'm definitely racist. Because I believe the African American race is superior. Good morning friends and happy Thursday everyone,” the release reads.

At what age and from what did PEDRO SUÁREZ VÉRTIZ die?

The renowned Peruvian artist died of a heart attack at his home in the Miraflores district on Thursday, December 28, at the age of 54, according to official information regarding his death.

“From the municipality of #Miraflores, we regret the death of Pedro Martín José María Suárez-Vértiz Alva, a prominent resident of our district, musician, singer, composer, producer and author. “Our deepest condolences go out to his relatives, family and friends,” the municipality of his district published.

The music of Pedro Suárez Vértiz influenced several generations since his appearance with the band Arena Hash and later as a soloist. Some songs like “When you think about returning”, “I'm falling in love” and “Los globos del cielo” have become songs that will never go out of style.