Louis, 16th in the ranking of the best maestros: do not forget the program “The Lyrics” of February 23, 2023 – Interiors.fr

Maestro Louis continues on the road to success in the program Don’t forget the words of France 2. He keeps climbing and climbing the rankings and his kitten has far exceeded his expectations.

Nagui didn’t fail to post the show’s beautiful audience on Instagram the day before, accompanied by a photo of Louis.

Louis is a hit and is currently in 16th place with a total of 42 wins for total winnings of 229,000 euros.

As he explained earlier, Louis never thought he would go that far. He thought that the adventure would end sooner and that he could slow down his repetition rate. But no, it’s the opposite. And his daily life revolves around making music.

Day by day, Louis climbs up the rankings of the best maestros.

In addition, the contestant surpassed Manon’s record for the number of Bells won.

The Maestro can be proud of the ten consecutive bells he has on his counter.

Given his ranking, he is about to integrate the top 15 of the Masters and demote Geoffrey, contestant for the game show in the period May-June 2021, who had earned €234,000 with 40 wins.

Margaux remains in place for the time being with her 59 wins and €530,000 in winnings.

Could King Louis, so called by Nagui, defeat Queen Margaux?