Luca Laurentis tears for Maurizio Costanzo A father died The

Luca Laurenti’s tears for Maurizio Costanzo: “A father died” The video

Luca Laurenti she starts to speak with a broken voice, then she can’t take it anymore and bursts into tears. The memory of Maurizio Costanzo is still too vivid and the pain of his death is linked to all the work and personal experiences lived together with the journalist. “Maurizio is in my family, I spent nine years Buona Domenica with him,” Laurenti begins in an interview with Silvia Toffanin in the Verissimo program on Canale 5. Then he pauses, unable to hold back a desperate cry. “As much as I can tell the most beautiful things, like songs, I live them in the silence of my heart, and I’m sorry to cry here in front of everyone.” And again: «I thank especially Maurizio, the he was like a father, one can and must get used to the loss of people. I will remember the rituals we performed in the dressing room like children in circles before going on the air, I remember his tenderness, his love for animals » Laurenti continued through tears. «You saw a strong man on stage, but then you noticed his tenderness in his small gestures, in his movement. Beyond the various TV phenomena, if you’re not human, if you don’t feel emotions, you’re just a heartless phenomenon.”

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