LVBP 2023 24 When is the draft additions and replacements Schedule

LVBP 2023-24: When is the draft additions and replacements? Schedule and location of the event

It's now or never! The countdown begins for Draft the LVBP 2023, where the 5 classified teams will try to win something Additions and Replacements. Ahead of the Round Robin, read everything you need to know about this selection.

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He Draft of the LVBP 2023-24 is just around the corner. Just before the round robin of Venezuelan professional baseball begins, the five classified teams have the chance to bring something with them Additions and Replacements. This selection process allows each team's low points to be reinforced with the best players from the eliminated clubs. For this reason, no fan wants to miss the broadcast of the event.

Check where and what time you can watch the 2023-2024 LVBP draft.

When will the LVBP Draft 2023 take place?

According to journalist Jesús Ponte, the LVBP 2023 Additions and Substitutions Draft is scheduled to take place this Sunday, December 31st.

Draft LVBP 2023

Information from Jesús Ponte on the 2023-24 LVBP draft date. Photo: Jesus Ponte

When will the LVBP Substitutions Draft take place?

The LVBP 2023 – 2024 Draft will take place as follows time plansAs Ponte himself reports:

  • VenezuelaDominican Republic, Puerto Rico: 11 a.m
  • Colombia, Peru, Panama, Miami, New York, Cuba: 10 a.m
  • Mexico (center), Chicago, Texas, Honduras, Guatemala: 9:00 a.m
  • Mexico (Pacific): 8:00 a.m. M
  • Chile, Argentina, Brazil: 12.00 p.m
  • Spain (peninsula): 4 p.m

Draft LVBP 2023

The LVBP Draft allows teams that have qualified for the Round Robin to bolster their ranks with players from eliminated teams. Photo: Eagles

Where to watch the LVBP 2023 Substitutions Draft?

Like last year, that Draft It will be broadcast on the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League YouTube channel.

Draft LVBP 2023

Sharks, Cardinals, Lions and the rest of the organizations will look to strengthen in the 2023 LVBP Draft. Photo: Sharks

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