1677423113 Mar do Sertao Tertulinho is ready to put an end

Mar do Sertão: Tertulinho is ready to put an end to his brother for good and orders the deaths of José Mendes and…


The villain will hire another criminal to end his rival’s life once and for all.

Tertulinho and José  Image: Reproduction/GloboTertulinho and José Image: Reproduction/Globo

In Mar do Sertao, speak (Renato leaves) and Ze Paulino/Jose Mendes (Sergio Guizé) have always been great rivals, especially in the fight for love candoca (Isadora Cruz). Although they tried to leave the intrigues in the past when they discovered they were brothers, the relationship between the heirs of the Colonel Tertulio (José de Abreu) ​​​​​​gets even worse in the last part of the plot.

That’s because Tertulinho will return with his old ways. The villain will again order the death of the rival. In conversation with Fine grain cornmeal (Marco França), the lawyer will ask him to end the life of José Mendes. As much as he “threw off” the criminal life, he will accept the proposal, paying for the service.

> Tertulinho orders the death of José with Cornmeal Mimoso Image: Reproduction/Globo

“If you prefer, we can meet at a different place, at a different time…” the villain suggests. Tertulinho then says that he prefers to settle it right there, stating that he will only find peace when his brother dies. Without hesitation, he makes the payment to the criminal.

“Here is the last part of the payment. If you accept it, there’s no turning back, is there?” Tertulinho asks firmly. “That’s the custom…” replies Fubá Mimoso and seals the deal. It should be remembered that when Tertulinho first tried to kill José, he also hired Cornmeal to commit the crime for him..