Maria Grazia Cucinotta invaded Antonella Clerici39s house and stole it

Maria Grazia Cucinotta invaded Antonella Clerici's house and stole it mercilessly: Clash between colleagues iFood

Maria Grazie cooks diet and nutritionMaria Grazia Cucinotta – ifood (Instagram photo)

She broke into his house and took it away from him mercilessly. This clearly led to a harsh conflict between the two. The opposite was inevitable.

Some have always suspected that there is some rivalry between the two, but Until now she has always denied everything. At times he even admitted that he idolized the presenter until he did what he shouldn't have done.

Without any mercy, she invaded his house and stole it in front of him, prompting the angry reaction of both the presenter and the presenter There was a violent clash between the two. A battle for TV ratings as the two saw each other as even bigger competitors than they already were.

Although so far, apart from everyone's perception, Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Antonella Clerici have always had a good relationship, both trying to dominate other shows in television ratings with their cooking shows. La Cucinotta with “the perfect ingredient” and Clerici with “it’s always lunch.”

Certainly after this gesture Antonella Clerici It will try even harder to outdo and beat its rival. What he did to her was really mean, so he'll surely try to get over Maria Grazia Cucinotta somehow like he usually already does.

A difficult woman to topple

Regardless of the theft of Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Hardly anyone will be able to beat Antonella Clerici in terms of TV ratings. On Rai they call her “the Rai Queen”. because he always manages to shine in the ratings with the shows he hosts.

Take “It's Always Midday” as an example, the show that Antonella Clerici currently hosts and which continuously records many listening processes. Not only could the program make her RAI queen, it could make her so the queen of cooking programs because she manages to dominate all her competitors and therefore also Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Maybe that's why the actress committed theft right on her show.

Antonella ClericiAntonella Clerici – (Instagram photo)

Handed over from Clerici to Cucinotta

Lately A historical collaborator of Antonella Clerici has started collaborating on “The Perfect Ingredient” by Maria Grazia Cucinotta. This is Marco Bottega.

What a blow it must have been for Antonella Clerici, considering that the chef had several opportunities to work with her. It was actually both a face from “it's always lunchtime” that from “the cooking test”. What a blow that was for Cucinotta.

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