1677504005 Maurizio Costanzo Sgarbi confesses quotWhen Cacciari comes on TVquot

Maurizio Costanzo, Sgarbi confesses: "When Cacciari comes on TV…"

Maurizio Costanzo Sgarbi confesses quotWhen Cacciari comes on TVquot

Maurice Costanzo made his television our world.” Vittorio Sgarbi, during the episode Zona Bianca (Rete4), he told of people who, when they meet him, say: “I know you, I always see you at Costanzo”. And that, emphasizes the Secretary of State for Culture, “even if Maurizio Costanzo’s show hasn’t existed for years. Costanzo’s show was the extension of life for me to find characters that had intellectual content when no intellectuals went on TV Umberto Ecoit did not work Furious Columbus. Today, after paving the way and he felt that we could talk about art and literature, Massimo Cacciari goes on TV, as well Stefan Zecchi: Characters who didn’t find it humiliating to go on TV with him”.

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Sgarbi also finds words of praise for this Maria DeFilippi, described as “the chief heir of Constantius”. “Knowing human matter, Maria has created characters out of thin air, I don’t say degraded ones, but who have no way of accessing anything other than hers sexual instincts“, emphasizes Sgarbi. “Men and women is a masterpiece of misery and the ability to invent characters from scratch”.

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