Mega da Virada 2023: Find out Homer Simpson's numbers to win the lottery Italy

There are still just over 24 hours until then Mega da Virada 2023 pay the largest prize in the history of Brazil: R$570 million.

The series “The Simpsons” usually “predicts” events such as the submarine tragedy, the creation of R$200 banknotes and Brazil's defeat by Germany in the World Cup. In one episode, protagonist Homer Simpson receives one Millionaire bet with six numbers: 1 6 17 22 24 25.

Homer Simpson's lottery game went viral on social media. Could this be a tip for playing Mega?

Until when can I play at Mega da Virada?

Betting for Mega da Virada can be carried out until Sunday, 31:00. In other words, Mega da Virada bets close just three hours before the draw. Caixa said lottery store owners can set their opening hours on December 31, but typically these stores are not open on Sundays.

Is there a way to play Mega da Virada online?

Yes, It is possible to bet on Mega da Virada through the Loterias Caixa website or app and in several other games drawn in Brazil. Remember that you must be over 18 to bet online. The minimum bet is R$30 and the maximum bet is R$500. Payment for online betting can be made via credit and debit cards.