Milan Ukrainians and Italians march for peace hundreds from Piazza

Milan, Ukrainians and Italians march for peace: hundreds from Piazza Castello to the Duomo IL DAY

Milan, February 25, 2023 – Una March for Peace kicked away from Piazza Castelloa year after the start of Russian aggression. Several hundred people, Ukrainians and Italiansthey sang the notes of the national anthem of Kiev and chanted the motto “Slava Ukraini” and waved numerous blue-yellow and EU flags.

There are also several slogans against the invader: “Not liberators, but assassins”, “Russia: a state of terror” as well as insults to the Russian President (“Putin the Assassin”). “The light will prevail, the war will end” is instead the heartfelt appeal that is repeated several times. From Piazza Castello the procession reached Cadorna station and then turned along Corso Magenta and Via Meravigli, reaching from there Cathedral Square.

The demonstration shows the desire to make peace as soon as possible, with the wish and hope that Ukraine will be free again. The procession gathered in front of the cathedral steps, where some traditional songs were performed while some Georgian dancers danced around the trident, the national symbol of Ukraine, in the square.

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