1703958622 Mirko Brunetti doesn39t want Perla to win the GF I

Mirko Brunetti doesn't want Perla to win the GF: I hope Beatrice Luzzi wins, she deserves it

Mirko Brunetti doesn39t want Perla to win the GF I

Mirko Brunetti he surprisingly declares that he would like it Beatrice Luzzi in order to win Big Brother and not the ex-girlfriend Pearl Vatiero. Mirko, a former competitor on the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, was forced to leave the House of Representatives due to televoting after both women with whom he had recently had a romantic relationship – Perla and Greta Rossetti – entered the House of Representatives for the triangle that had already become popular recreate Temptation Island. It was Brunetti's inability to take a stand that led reality TV audiences to vote for him to leave, a circumstance that hurt him as it prevented him from advancing his path in the House of Representatives. Maybe that's why Mirko didn't name any of his ex-partners on social media when asked who he would like to win the GF:

Who do I want to win? Beatrice because she deserves it. She is an intelligent and strong woman, very important to the group. So I think she wins even if she plays with Vittorio and Perla.

Because Mirko Brunetti has left GF

Mirko had to leave the Cinecittà house due to the televoting, in which he lost in a group nomination together with Sara Ricci, Perla Vatiero and Anita Olivieri. The one who got the worst of it was the former Temptation Island protagonist, who was “punished” by fans because he was found guilty of deceiving his ex-partner Perla, forcing her to believe in a flashback, and then coming clean about it have that he no longer had any romantic feelings for her.

Mirko Brunetti returned to the House of Representatives to also leave Greta Rossetti

A few weeks after leaving the sport, Mirko returned to the Cinecittà house to permanently interrupt his relationship with Greta Rossetti. He admitted that he is no longer in love with her and that he thinks she is too distant for their relationship to work once they are both off camera.