Montreals decrepitude Why isnt Plante returning the keys to the

Montreal’s decrepitude: “Why isn’t Plante returning the keys to the city?” asks the opposition

Valérie Plante has been in the headlines all week, whether it’s about the lack of public housing, the failure of her development project on the former site of the Montreal Hippodrome, or the roaming situation, particularly in the Village.

His performance did not impress the leader of the official opposition, Aref Salem, at all. In his opinion, Valérie Plante is not doing enough to solve the problems that are undermining the city. He asks the mayor to take over her role as conductor. Mr. Salem would like to set up an advisory table that will bring together the various sectors concerned and allow concrete solutions to be offered.

“She’s turning the homeless problem into a refugee problem, which isn’t the case,” says Ensemble Montreal’s director.

According to him, another way to really turn the tide would be to establish a communications link with Quebec to spend “a few million,” both on one level and the other.

Aref Salem also questions the $18 million cut in the STM budget. According to him, there is no way to cut the budget without hurting the service. He therefore believes users will bear the brunt of the cuts.

The Ensemble Montreal leader says he’s working on his party’s next electoral platform to give Montrealers another alternative in the next election. In this way he hopes to attract voters to the polls.