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"More than a lover…": Paolo Conticini had to tell the truth about Christian de Sica | That’s what everyone thought travel trends

Paolo Conticini, the truth about the relationship with his colleague Christian De Sica finally comes to light: “More than a lover.”

Paolo Conticini was born in Pisa in 1969 and grew up in a united and loving family. From a young age he had a passion for Acting art and intends to cultivate it. However, his parents want a different future for their son, but despite all the obstacles, Paolo has the goal of becoming a nationally known star.

Persistence leads Conticini to realize all his desires. Thanks to her breathtaking beauty, she takes part in various beauty pageants and, noticing the audience's appreciation, she decides to dedicate herself to auditioning big display.

The real leap in quality in Paolo's career came in 1995. The beloved comedian Christian De Sica chooses him to participate in his film”Men, men, men“, in which they play an engaged couple.

Collaborating with the king of cinepanettoni allows Paolo to achieve a very high level of fame and demonstrate his talents. From that moment on, a sincere relationship of mutual respect arose between the two actors, which has long been the subject of discussion among the most curious.

Paolo Conticini and Christian De Sica, what are they hiding?

There is a very unique relationship between Paolo Conticini and Christian De Sica. The two have worked together since 1995 and have been together ever since inseparable. In recent years it seems like they have grown apart, but like any relationship there are always ups and downs. Some have speculated about an argument that occurred immediately after Paolo's wedding to Giada Parra where this was evident the absence of De Sica.

Paolo Conticini expressed his opinion on this issue, admitting that Christians are many prickly, but his kindness is able to clear up any misunderstanding. He also wanted to highlight a major mistake made by his colleague, viz Ability to lie just to magnify his stories. Despite these personality differences, their love never fades and, as is the way with great stories, they may move away but never say goodbye.

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Paolo Conticini, the truth about his relationship with Christian De Sica

Paolo Conticini and Christian De Sica played an engaged couple in their first film “Men, men, men“. From that moment on, the relationship between the two actors intensified until they became almost inseparable. An attitude that fascinated their fans and wanted to clearly see the duo's true feelings.

Their alleged crimes were also mentioned several times in interviews with the two artists secret relationship and Christian De Sica himself took care of the clarification. The actor admitted that he suffered a serious accident that forced him to undergo a painful and sacrificial hospital stay. On this occasion of extreme need, at his side was Paolo Conticini and from that moment on, a relationship of pure friendship and mutual respect was born. He then denied any indiscretion regarding a romantic relationship and clarified: “Conticini? More than a loverhe is like a brother.

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