New Netflix releases The French39s favorite Spanish burglar is back

New Netflix releases: The French's favorite Spanish burglar is back! – Allocine

Thanks to AlloCiné, discover the films and series released on Netflix from December 29th to January 4th.

The must-have of the week

Berlin (offshoot of La Casa de Papel): Only two things can make up for a bad day: love and a jackpot worth millions. That was what drove Berlin in his prime, when he didn't yet know that he was sick and that he hadn't yet allowed himself to be locked up like a rat in the royal house of the Spanish Mint.

He prepares one of his most extraordinary robberies: using a sleight of hand, he makes jewels worth 44 million euros disappear. To achieve this, he enlists the help of one of the three gangs with which he usually commits his robberies.


Double Trap: Maya Stern tries to recover from the brutal murder of her husband Joe. One day, when she had installed a camera to monitor her young daughter, she was astonished to find that a man she knew had broken into her house: her husband, whom she thought was dead…

Crypto Scammer: From a young age, Ray Trapani dreamed of becoming a criminal. In 2017, the frenzy sparked by the rise of Bitcoin presented fraudsters with extraordinary opportunities in the cryptocurrency world.

When a friend of Ray approached him with the idea of ​​developing a cryptocurrency debit card, he jumped at the chance. Problem: He had no idea how to proceed.

Good on his plate, the evidence in two parts: Identical twins change their diet and lifestyle for eight weeks as part of a scientific experiment on the effects of food on the body.


Shooting Stars (catalog): The film chronicles young LeBron James' journey as a basketball player during his high school years.


The Sun Brothers: When the boss of a powerful triad in Taiwan is killed by a mysterious assassin, his eldest son, legendary assassin Charles “Chairleg” Sun (Justin Chien), goes to Los Angeles to be with his mother Eileen (Michelle Yeoh). to protect. , and Bruce (Sam Song Li), her naive little brother, from whom the family has always kept his true activities a secret… until now.

The Snow Circle: In 1972, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 brought a rugby team to Chile. But the plane crashes on a glacier in the heart of the Andes. Only 29 of 45 passengers survived the crash. To survive in one of the world's most hostile environments, they have no choice but to make extreme decisions.

The Creature of Kyongsong Part 2: In the spring of 1945, one of the darkest periods in Korean history, a man and a woman fight for survival against a creature born of human greed.

Gluttons & Dragons: Dungeons, dragons… and a good monster stew? Adventurers delve into the bowels of a cursed kingdom to rescue their friend… and prove their talent as the Cordon Bleu.