Neymar comments on the accusation of ignoring fans on a

Neymar comments on the accusation of ignoring fans on a cruise

After the controversies that marked the cruise “Ney on the high seas“, organized by Neymar, the player decided to address the events publicly. In addition to the controversial situations with prominent guests, the athlete also responded to criticism of the infrastructure of the event, which took place between December 26th and 29th, as well as allegations of ignoring fans on his cruise.

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Neymar shared his reflections on his social networks and made sure he did as much as possible. “Who would have thought I would have my name on a cruise! I could never have imagined this, and enjoying feeling people's affection and seeing my family having fun, it was really different! Unfortunately, I couldn't help everyone on the ship, but I did my best,” said the player.

The player who has achieved great fame through his achievements recent controversy surrounding his name thanked the cruise participants: “I would like to thank all the fans who came and showed me their love. I thank all the artists who took part and gave their best on stage.” Neymar ended his speech relaxed with a mocking tone: “Everyone who was there knows what the atmosphere was like, it was really great! My condolences to those who didn’t come.”

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