North Korea Kim Seeking reunification with the South is a

North Korea, Kim: Seeking reunification with the South is a mistake Latest News

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he will no longer seek reconciliation and reunification with South Korea, state media in Pyongyang reported on Tuesday.

“I believe it is a mistake we should no longer make to view people who declare us the 'main enemy' as someone with whom we should seek reconciliation and unification,” Kim told the official KCNA news agency. The North Korean head of state spoke of an “uncontrollable and persistent crisis situation” on the peninsula that was triggered by Seoul and Washington. Kim then announced that he had ordered the development of measures to reorganize departments dealing with cross-border affairs in order to “radically change the direction.”

North Korea plans to launch three more spy satellites in 2024 to strengthen the country's military. “The task has been declared” one of the most important policy decisions for next year, the KCNA said. Pyongyang successfully launched a military spy satellite into orbit last month and has since claimed to be receiving images of key U.S. and South Korean military sites.

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