Moscow describes the allegations about graves in Izyum as quotLiequot

Moscow describes the allegations about graves in Izyum as "Lie"

The media reports 13 dead in Russian bombings in Donetsk. London finds the Russian Air Force under increasing pressure. President Zelenskyy after nuclear bombing: “Russia threatens the whole world”.

Moscow has dismissed Ukrainian claims about hundreds of graves near the eastern Ukrainian town of Izyum as “lies”. “These are lies. Of course we will defend the truth in this story,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday. According to Ukrainian authorities, more than 440 graves and a mass grave were discovered after Ukrainian units recaptured the Izyum area, which had been occupied by Russian troops.

Since the beginning of the Russian intervention in Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly denied committing atrocities there. “It’s the same scenario as Bucha,” Peskov said on Monday, referring to another Ukrainian town near Kyiv, where Russian units were also accused of atrocities after they left.

13 killed in Donetsk

An artillery bombardment killed at least 13 people in Donetsk, a city in eastern Ukraine controlled by Russian troops. Two grenades hit a bus stop and a nearby store, local media reported on Monday. Initially, there was no information on the number of injured. Local authorities blamed Ukrainian troops for the bombing. Kyiv regularly rejects such accusations and accuses Moscow of shooting itself to produce images for its own media. The information could not be independently confirmed.

Meanwhile, British experts have come to the conclusion that the Russian air force is increasingly under Ukrainian pressure during the war. In the past ten days, Russia has apparently lost four fighter jets and thus a total of 55 machines since the attack began in late February, the British Defense Ministry said on Monday, citing intelligence findings.

The increase in casualties may be in part due to the fact that the Russian Air Force is taking greater risks to support ground forces under pressure from Ukrainian advances at close range, the British expert said. Added to this is the low situational awareness of Russian pilots. Some planes entered denser air defense zones because of the fast-moving front over Ukrainian-controlled territory. “Russia’s continued lack of air superiority remains one of the main factors sustaining the fragility of its operational design in Ukraine,” the ministry said in its daily war update. Moscow sees this as a targeted disinformation campaign.

Russian fighter shot down

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army says it has shot down another Russian fighter jet. As the Ukrainian army announced on Telegram, an anti-aircraft missile hit a Su-25 jet in the Kherson region around 8 am local time (7 am CEST). A Ukrainian recapture offensive is underway there.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy announced further attacks in the area occupied by Russian troops. “Perhaps it seems to some of you that after a series of victories there was silence, but it is not silence,” Zelensky said in his daily video speech on Sunday. On the contrary, it is the preparation for the next offensive, whose objective is the recapture of Mariupol, Melitopol and Kherson.

“All Ukraine must be free”

According to Zelensky, Ukraine will not just focus on the areas it controlled before the Russian attack in February. The 44-year-old announced that the territories of the Moscow-backed separatists in the east of the country and in Crimea’s cities, which have been annexed by Russia since 2014, would also be recaptured. “Because all of Ukraine must be free.” Currently, Moscow occupies about 125,000 square kilometers of Ukraine, which corresponds to about a fifth of the country’s territory.

Zelensky again raised serious accusations against Russia on Monday morning. With its new bombing of a nuclear power plant, the aggressor would “threaten the whole world”, the president wrote on Telegram. “We have to stop them before it’s too late.” Ukraine has previously reported Russian attacks on the Pivdennoukrainsk nuclear plant in the south of the country. All three of the nuclear power plant’s reactors remained intact and were operating normally, state operator Energoatom said on Monday. There was a detonation 300 meters from the reactors. Buildings were damaged and the attack also caused damage to a nearby hydroelectric plant.

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Unusual and Unusually Intense Cyclone Hits Alaska

Unusual and Unusually Intense Cyclone Hits Alaska

A powerful oceanic cyclone, unprecedented in intensity at this time of year, caused Much chaos on the west coast of Alaska, resulting in massive flooding in coastal communities and wind gusts of 150 km/h. The National Weather Service in Fairbanks, which warned of both coastal flooding and winds, said the storm had “created tidal surges unprecedented in at least 50 years”.

Reports of wind damage and flooding continue to come in from across the Bering and the western Alaskan coast tonight. This is just the beginning. We will continue to see strong winds and flooding from an extreme storm surge along the entire West Coast through Saturday.#akwx

— Melissa Frey (@MelissaDFrey) 09/17/2022

As coastal communities in western Alaska grappled with floodwaters that swamped homes and businesses, Gov. Mike Dunleavy declared a state of disaster. Large volumes of water, driven north by strong winds, tumbled over land, raising the ocean several meters and hitting vulnerable coastal communities with severe erosion.

The tide gauge in Nome, known as the finish point of the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, showed water levels more than three times above normal early Saturday, surpassing the peak seen during the violent storms of 2011 and 2004, it said the National Weather Service.

Reports on social media pointed to power outages and damage to several coastal communities from rising waters. In Hooper Bay, a small coastal town of 1,375, some families were reportedly evacuating their homes because of the flooding. Major flooding was also reported in the small coastal communities of Chevak, Kotlik, Newtok, Golovin and Shaktoolik, where evacuations were required in a number of cases.

Strong gusts of 150 km/h tore down power lines and caused further damage. The massive storm and tidal waves of up to 15 meters would create severe erosion on the beach at any time of the year, but the fact that the storm hits in September increases the risk of erosion.

When large extratropical storms pass through the Bering Sea, it is usually towards the end of the year, particularly in November and December, and Hurricanes can be powerful many times in Alaska. It turns out that sea ice has accumulated along the coast at this time of year, dampening significant swell, but with that big storm in September, the coast is without an ice barrier, making it particularly vulnerable.

The system resembles a devastating storm in November 2011, when a comparatively intense nontropical low hit Russia’s Far East and interior of the Bering Strait. Also that month the Pacific advanced overland.

In the Fourth National Climate Assessment, a comprehensive report on climate change looking at impacts in the United States, published in 2018, scientists expressed concern that climate change is setting the stage for greater impacts from large, nontropical cyclones in Alaska Has. Warmer summers and oceans have resulted in above average seasonal sea ice loss, making the region more vulnerable to ocean flooding.

Tonight at 23:00 buoy 46071 south of Amchitka Island in the western Aleutians registered a sea depth of 41ft🌊🌊!! Here is an image of the massive waves captured by the buoy’s camera. Adak Island has recorded multiple gusts up to 75 mph and reached 70°F. #akwx @databuoycenter

— NWS Anchorage (@NWSAnchorage) 09/16/2022

The powerful weather system that hit Alaska is a ‘perfect storm’ defined the meteorologists of the Washington Post newspaper. Once a Category 1 Pacific typhoon, the remnants of Merbok joined nontropical storms as they made their way into the Bering Strait, the thin strip of water between Russia and Alaska, to form an Extraordinary Extratropical Cyclone, a bomb cyclone.

This storm is so big that it will take about 3 hours for the sun to set completely.

— NWS Alaska Region (@NWSAlaska) 09/17/2022

It’s still very big.

— NWS Alaska Region (@NWSAlaska) 09/17/2022

Typhoons, the western Pacific equivalent of hurricanes, form from warm seawater near the equator in late summer. This is in contrast to extratropical cyclones, which fuel energy contained in atmospheric temperature gradients.

When the two types of systems merge, the combination can result in an immensely powerful storm that forms in a short period of time. This system amplified explosively upon entering the Bering Sea. The same process strengthened the Sandy approaching the northeast coast of the United States in 2012.

Here is a surface analysis from 4:00 p.m. Friday and expected location moving north through the Bering Strait through 4:00 p.m. Saturday. It also slows in speed as expected, resulting in high water levels not dropping quickly once they have peaked. We’ll be following this all weekend.

— NWS Alaska Region (@NWSAlaska) 09/17/2022

On Friday, atmospheric pressure at the center of the storm over the Bering Sea reached about 937 millibars, the lowest in the region in September since 2005. Low pressure sucks air quickly, like a vacuum, and below 950 millibars are usually only seen in category hurricanes 3 or 4

However, since the storm is something of a hybrid of a tropical and nontropical low at this point, the wind field was much larger than that of a Category 4 hurricane. Instead, all of the energy was spread over a larger area at a lower maximum sustained wind speed, probably around 150 km/h but with a much longer range.

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Funeral Elisabetta the secret of Kates necklace it is the

Funeral Elisabetta, the secret of Kate’s necklace: it is the same one worn by Lady Diana. e is what he represented

Black veil, dark dress, pearl and diamond earrings and necklace. Entering Westminster Abbey for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Princess of Wales Kate Middleton turned heads with her class and elegance. But only the most observant have noticed a fundamental detail: the magnificent pearl necklace is actually a tribute to the queen. It was part of her jewelry collection and has been worn several times by members of the royal family, including Lady Diana.


The pearl necklace, a symbolic jewel of the crown

The tiara Kate chose for the occasion is a choker with four rows of Japanese pearls and diamonds and it’s called “Four Row Japanese Pearl Choker”. It is a symbolic jewel belonging to Queen Elizabeth II’s prized private collection and is worn by the most prominent women of the royal family during the most important celebrations.

For example, the Queen wore it to Margaret Thatcher’s 70th birthday in 1995. And awarded it Lady Diana in 1982who displayed it for a state banquet hosted by Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus of the Netherlands at Hampton Court Palace. More recently Kate Middleton had already worn it on the occasion of the funeral of Queen Philip’s husband.

Funeral Elizabeth, Princes George and Charlotte present at Westminster: at the church for the funeral of their great-grandmother

What pearls represent

Pearls represent class and elegance. Queen Elizabeth loved her especially. For them, they represented “the aristocratic virtues of liberality, magnificence and generosity” and symbolized “purity and chastity,” as Arseiny Budrevich, founder of Budrevich Fine Jewelery Studio, explained to

In ancient Egypt, the royal family wore them to show their status. A tradition that extends over the centuries, reaching the Holy Roman Empire and the French monarchs, and then, from the Middle Ages, that of all of Europe.

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The carelessness of the public curator pointed out

The “carelessness” of the public curator pointed out

A recent ruling by the Superior Court criticizes the “carelessness” of the Curateur public du Québec. Consequence of this negligence: Two brothers with psychological problems were almost driven out of their apartment in addition to the separation. The public body tasked with protecting disabled people has gone against their needs.

Posted at 5:00 am


Caroline Tuzin

Caroline Touzin The press

C. and J.* have serious mental health problems.

The two brothers, in their forties, have always lived with their mother in the family home in Châteauguay.

C. is a severe case. In addition to his mental problems, he has an intellectual disability. He is on welfare.

J. is also very limited. He earns a modest income by working at the bottom of the corporate ladder. He has already been a victim of sexual abuse.

When her mother died in 2009, she made her two sons equal beneficiaries of a trust covering all their assets, including the house. The will then names a niece as trustee. The same niece becomes the owner of the house.

In 2015, C. was placed under state guardianship. Unable to care for himself and his property, he is now under the care of the Curateur public du Québec.

But the civil servant – who is supposed to protect C. – neglects his role so much that the two brothers lose their roof and at the same time their orientation.

This disturbing story is detailed in a recent Superior Court ruling.

La Presse announced this earlier this year Public Curator’s wards are homeless, sometimes for years. In response to our investigation, Quebec Public Curator Julie Lavergne-Baillargeon and Family Minister and Head of Public Curator Mathieu Lacombe had agreed on a “loophole” in the system that they had pledged to correct.

This time reference is made to the curator’s “carelessness” in managing the brothers’ fortune.

Once they had ended up in the lives of the two men, the curator quickly realized that the niece no longer wanted to get involved in the management of the foundation. And that neither C. nor J. were able to do that.

The fact that the two brothers are the owners of the house is then “taken for granted” by the curator, Judge François Duprat specified in his decision.

Her life falls apart

In October 2016, the life of the two brothers collapsed. A representative of the city of Châteauguay informs them that their house is being sold for non-payment of municipal taxes. The building was sold to a third party for $130,000.

The notice of sale for taxes was never sent to the brothers or the public trustee as the niece is on the register as the owner of the property.

In early 2017, the curator became a trustee. Six months later, he exercises his statutory right of withdrawal and pays $143,000 to get the house back. During this time, the brothers were able to remain in the building but had to pay the new owner $1,100 a month in rent.

According to the verdict, the curator tried to argue that the two brothers did not suffer from the situation.

But when the case was heard earlier this year, a special education teacher and a social worker came to say otherwise.

“The situation was difficult for the two brothers […] They didn’t understand what was going on,” the social worker explained.

Selling the house forced the two brothers to pay rent. They had to make cuts in buying clothes, trips and expenses.

A Curateur representative even mentioned the idea of ​​reducing their grocery bill. J. also switched to C. more often depending on the situation.

The conservator contended that J. was a victim of sexual abuse and that it was rather this that frightened him. Sexual abuse does not detract from the brothers’ suffering from the sale of the home, the court told the curator.

The trustee attempted to recover from the niece the losses suffered after the redemption transaction — approximately $38,000 — alleging that he had acted negligently in fulfilling his mandate as trustee. However, he failed to get the money back.

Here the state agency decided to sell the house – and evict its own wards – and was unable to recoup the losses suffered due to what the judge called their own “carelessness”.

The court sees this as a “conflict of loyalty”. The conservator demands that C. must be transferred to a housing resource in any case.

“There is a serious conflict of loyalties for the curator. It is unthinkable for the court that the trustee could claim to protect the interests of the two brothers by bringing a lawsuit against them aimed at evicting them from the apartment and allowing him to reconcile To repay the majority of his debts, which consists of his own negligence in the management of C. and J.’s assets, the magistrate writes. Let us add that the curator obviously has to act to protect C’s person and property.”

The conservator tried to determine that it was in J. and C.’s interest not to live in the house anymore. The agency summoned a social worker who had just entered C’s life to testify, who claimed that C could neither live independently nor rely on her brother for a caregiver.

Curator’s evidence shattered

However, the testimony of the new social worker in the file was contradicted by two health workers who had cared for C. for much longer.

The intervention team of the intensive home surveillance is present for C. every day and everything is prepared so that he can stay in the dormitory, explained a specialist teacher who has known him for 20 years. Incidentally, it was C.’s will to indicate this educator from experience at the hearing.

The statement of the state curator was “seriously shaken” by the statement of this specialist teacher, the court stated.

A social worker who has known C. for 10 years also undermined the curator’s evidence. A placement of C. was never an option before the sale of the apartment was mentioned, she explained.

The two brothers want to stay in the residence and of course be together. Currently, this desire is in her interests and the curator fails in her attempt to determine that C. needs to be placed in a resource.

Excerpt from the judgment of the Supreme Court

The curator also failed to convince the court that the apartment could not be kept by the two brothers. “Before the residence was sold for unpaid taxes, no one seems to have considered such an action,” the judge said.

At the conclusion of the trial, the court ordered the trustee to pay the two brothers just over $50,000, including approximately $10,000 each in damages caused by his negligence.

Quebec Curator His lightness pointed out


I Patrick Martin-Ménard, lawyer for brothers C. and J.

“It was a huge stress for her, the possibility of losing her house; the only thing they had left of their mother and the only living environment they knew,” says Me Patrick Martin-Ménard, who represents the two brothers.

C. and J. are now relieved not to be “uprooted”, says the lawyer.

“If C. had been placed in a resource against his will – with everything we know about those resources; its sometimes incomplete nature and unsuitable for the particular needs of vulnerable people – it is clear that it would have suffered irreparable damage,” continues Me Martin-Ménard. In the attorney’s eyes, “It is extremely disturbing to see that the conservator can relinquish management of a house until it is sold for unpaid taxes”.

The curator answers

The Public Trustee will not appeal “on humanitarian grounds.” In an interview with La Presse, its director of legal affairs, Me Dominique Carrier, believes that the curator has not engaged in a “conflict of loyalties” but rather a “conflict of interest”. In order to preserve C.’s legacy, the curator “had no choice but to get into such a situation,” explains the lawyer. These three roles (legal representative, trustee and creditor) have always been transparently disclosed to the court, assures Me Carrier.

The curator realizes that he could have acted faster to avoid losing the building. However, the lawyer explains that it is “financially difficult to keep the two brothers at home” because their income is insufficient. That’s why the curator decided to sell it, she argues.

“We’re not here to break up families,” says Dave Lépine, curateur public’s interim general director for personal services. The recommendations of the CLSC treatment team and the brothers’ financial insecurity guided their decision, he says. Mr Lépine insists on the “extraordinary” nature of the situation.

“Should such an exceptional situation occur again, we will pay special attention to it. For all the people we represent, it is their interests and respect for their rights and autonomy that guide us,” assures Me Sophie Gravel, Secretary General and Head of the Office of the Public Trustee.

*A court order prohibits us from naming them. In the judgment of the Superior Court, the two brothers are identified with the letters C. and J.

Main causes of disability among adults represented by the curateur public

  • Intellectual disability: 41%
  • Insanity: 30%
  • Degenerative diseases: 21%
  • head trauma: 3%
  • Other: 5%

Source: Curateur public du Quebec

Learn more

  • 13,005 Number of people in Quebec who are under Board of Trustees or Public Custody. For example, the trustee may be required to only manage the assets of a beneficiary who is deemed unable to manage their money. In more serious cases, the curator can be called upon to make all decisions affecting his person.

    Source: Curateur public du Quebec

    37,236 Number of persons whose files are managed by the curateur public. In most cases the beneficiaries are privately insured, in which case the family members take care of their situation, occasionally with the support of the curateur public.

    Source: Curateur public du Quebec

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Relationship expert reveals you should visualize divorce to know if

Relationship expert reveals you should visualize ‘divorce’ to know if someone is right for you

Relationship expert says the best way to know if someone is right for you is to imagine what it would be like to divorce them — because it shows if you think they have “strong character.”

  • An unnamed relationship expert shockingly revealed that you should imagine breaking up with your partner to know if he is who you are
  • Influencer and podcaster Tinx, 31, from California, shared an email from the expert saying couples should consider divorce when dating
  • Tinx has dubbed herself “TikTok’s older sister” as she regularly shares relationship and mental health advice with her 1.5 million+ followers
  • As well as imagining a divorce, some of the quirky advice included asking your partner which piece of clothing; You would be in her closet
  • Tinx shared the email on her Instagram story and announced that she would be delving deeper into the topic on her podcast It’s Me, Tinx

A relationship expert shockingly revealed that you should imagine breaking up with and even divorcing your partner to know if he is who you are.

Influencer and podcaster Christina Najjar, known online as Tinx, 31, from Los Angeles, California, has been dubbed “TikTok’s older sister” and regularly shares relationship and mental health advice with her more than 1.5 million followers.

Most recently, the 31-year-old shared an email she received from an unnamed relationship expert who offered some advice on how to keep a romance going – and how to know if the relationship is really meant to be like this.

Among the pieces of advice, the relationship expert advised asking yourself what “clothing item” in your closet is your partner, and most surprisingly explained that “imagining a divorce” is a surefire way to know if your significant other is right for you is or not you.

The email begins: “Love/infatuation is like a drug and wears off after three to four years. When you’re dating someone, ask yourself, ‘Would I want to be both married and divorced with this person?’

An unnamed relationship expert shockingly revealed in an email to influencer Tinx that you should imagine breaking up with your partner to know if he is who you are

An unnamed relationship expert shockingly revealed in an email to influencer Tinx that you should imagine breaking up with your partner to know if he is who you are

Tinx has dubbed herself

Tinx has dubbed herself “TikTok’s older sister” as she regularly shares relationship and mental health advice with her 1.5 million+ followers

Next, the couples specialist encouraged those in relationships or dating to envision a divorce from their partner.

They then added it would be “cool to be divorced” if someone had “strong character.”

Similarly, James Sexton, a divorce attorney in New York, wrote an article for TIME magazine sharing that couples should always “talk about divorce” the moment someone gets on one knee.

He explained that it’s “most romantic” to talk about divorce when you’re wearing the ring on your finger [and] dedicated thing you and your fiancé could do.’

Sexton added that because they have the greatest affection for one another, people should start talking about divorce right after they get engaged, so they can try to resolve any future issues that might arise.

In closing, he emphasized his top three tips when discussing a divorce before you’re even married.

As well as imagining a divorce, some of the quirky advice included asking your partner which piece of clothing;  You would be in her closet (stock image)

As well as imagining a divorce, some of the quirky advice included asking your partner which piece of clothing; You would be in her closet (stock image)

Tinx shared the email on her Instagram story and announced that she would be delving deeper into the topic on her podcast It's Me, Tinx

Tinx shared the email on her Instagram story and announced that she would be delving deeper into the topic on her podcast It’s Me, Tinx

Sexton’s talking points included why you would get a divorce, “how to avoid a divorce,” and what you would “need” from your partner if you did get a divorce.

Similarly, Tinx’s relationship expert explained that you should have breakup conversations early on, as well as conversations about “kids, finances and “where you want to live.”

Next, the unnamed specialist advised all couples to have a “breakup counseling session,” during which they ask each other what “piece of clothing” they would wear in each other’s closets.

To avoid a breakup, the expert noted that couples should spend five minutes reaching out to each other and asking how they could “better support” each other.

The influencer’s relationship expert concluded the email by saying, “When there is a breakup, both people are grieving, some of that grief happens during the relationship for one or both parties.”

Tinx shared the email on her Instagram story and announced that she would be delving deeper into the topic on her podcast It’s Me, Tinx.

The upcoming podcast will answer viewers’ burning relationship questions while also discussing all things intimacy as she touches on her latest podcast, which details how to have “gorgeous sex.”

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1663591643 Prince Harry Meghan snubs with seating at Queens funeral

Prince Harry, Meghan snubs with seating at Queen’s funeral

No one puts Harry in a corner… except for the royal family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not joined by Prince William, Kate Middleton or other family members who sat in the front row at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey in London on Monday.

Instead, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were squeezed into a corner at the end of the second row alongside Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

William and Harry, who have had a strained relationship in recent years, were kept as far apart as possible, separated by the nave.

Meanwhile, King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles and the newly anointed Prince and Princess of Wales sat in the front pew.

William and Middleton, both 40, sat somberly with their eldest children, Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7. Their youngest, Prince Louis, 4, was not present.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat in the second row at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Princess Eugenie and husband Jack Brooksbank were also across the aisle, along with Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Meanwhile, Andrew sat in the front row alongside Princess Anne’s children, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips.

Members of the royal family at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice were seated in the same row as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to Portal

At the start of the procession, Harry, 38, and Markle, 41, somberly walked behind William and Middleton as they followed the Queen’s coffin.

Harry was obviously unable to wear his military uniform as he mourned the loss of his grandmother. However, he was given permission to wear his uniform to the Queen’s vigil days earlier.


The seating arrangement appeared to be a snub considering Prince Andrew was seated in front, as well as non-working royal Zara Tindall, with King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II - Westminster Abbey, London

The seating arrangement appeared to be a snub considering Prince Andrew was seated in front, as well as non-working royal Zara Tindall, with King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton.


Up Next Close

The Princess of Wales also honored the late monarch…

Instead, Harry wore a black suit for the funeral, while Markle mirrored Middleton’s look in a black dress and hat. The Suits graduate subtly honored the Queen by wearing earrings gifted to her by the late monarch.

Prince Harry and Prince William enter the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.Harry, who was not allowed to wear his uniform to the funeral, walked behind William during the procession. POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Markle and Harry, who moved to California in 2020 after stepping down from royal duties, were in the UK to join William and Middleton in mourning the Queen, since the longest-reigning monarch in British history aged 8 September of 96 years died.

Harry, who rushed to be at the Queen’s side before she died but arrived hours late, reportedly learned of his grandmother’s death five minutes before it was announced to the public.

This isn’t the first time Harry and Markle have stepped away from royal duties. The couple did not stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with their other members of the Royal Family during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June and remained low key throughout their visit.

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Bitcoin falls below 19000 as cryptos creak under rate hike

Bitcoin falls below $19000 as cryptos creak under rate hike risk


SINGAPORE, Sept 19 (Portal) – Cryptocurrencies fell to fresh lows on Monday amid regulatory concerns and as investors around the world turned away from risky assets as interest rates hiked around the world.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, fell about 5% to a three-month low of $18,387.

Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency, fell 3% to a two-month low of $1,285 and is down more than 10% in the past 24 hours. Most other smaller brands were deeper in the red.


The Ethereum blockchain, which underlies the Ether token, received a major upgrade called Merge over the weekend that will change the way transactions are processed and reduce energy consumption. Continue reading

Representations of the virtual currency Bitcoin are placed on US dollar banknotes in this May 26, 2020 illustration. Portal/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

The token’s value has fallen amid some speculation that comments by US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler last week implied the new structure could bring additional regulation. Trades surrounding the upgrade were also settled.

“It’s speculation as to what may or may not happen,” Matthew Dibb, COO of Singapore-based crypto platform Stack Funds, said of the regulatory outlook.

“Since the merger, a lot of hype has come out of the markets,” he said. “It really was a news-selling event,” he added, amid the jittery global backdrop, saying that Ether could test $950 in the coming months.

“If you look at the landscape at the moment, both fundamentally and technically, it’s not looking good. We can’t see an immediate bullish catalyst that will support these markets and bring in a whole lot of new money and liquidity.”


Reporting by Tom Westbrook; Edited by Kirsten Donovan

Our standards: The Trust Principles.

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1663591577 Meghan Markle Joins Prince Harry The Royal Family At The

Meghan Markle Joins Prince Harry, The Royal Family, At The Queen’s Funeral

Meghan Markle joined Prince Harry and the royal family as they walked behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II at the monarch’s funeral on Monday.

Follow Page Six’s coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex walked behind Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, as the coffin made its way into Westminster Abbey. Leading the youngsters in the procession were their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, who were recently made Prince and Princess of Wales.

We’re told that 4-year-old Prince Louis – who is known for attracting attention with his wild antics – has dropped out of the historic event because of his young age.

The walk came after Markle, 41, and Middleton, 40, sat out of the procession from Westminster Hall to the Abbey.

The extended reunion of Markle (41) and Harry (38) with William and Middleton (both 40) has made headlines since the Queen’s death on September 8th.

The State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Meghan Markle joined the royal family at the Queen’s funeral.

Getty Images


She joined the crowd to sing the hymnals.

Up Next Close

King Charles III walked alongside his siblings during the procession…

A source close to Harry told the Sunday Times of London that while the estranged brothers had been “uncomfortable” in each other’s company, “everyone is trying their best.”

Harry and William delighted fans when they and their respective wives reunited on September 10 to view floral tributes and cards laid outside Windsor Castle in honor of the late sovereign.

Prince Harry and Meghan MarklePrince Harry and Meghan Markle walked behind Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Getty Images

The former “Fab Four” also appeared to be united as they sat down for dinner with other members of the royal family on September 13 after receiving the Queen’s coffin.

William and Harry stood guard alongside their cousins ​​at their late grandmother’s coffin on Saturday night.

Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan MarkleThe monarch died on September 8th. Getty Images

Harry wore his military uniform after receiving special permission from his father, King Charles III. He has previously been forced to wear civilian clothes at public events since the Queen’s death, having been stripped of his military titles when he stepped down from royal duties in 2020.

The Queen’s family are among 500 foreign dignitaries, including President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, attending Monday’s funeral and paying tribute to the late monarch, who died at the age of 96 after a historic 70-year reign.

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