Patricia Ramos reveals the final straw when she files for

Patrícia Ramos reveals the final straw when she files for divorce from her exhusband

After the difficult divorce between Patrícia Ramos and her exhusband Diogo Vitório, the presenter revealed the moment when she decided to end the marriage. In an interview with Marie Claire this Friday (29), Patrícia explained that a strange financial transaction in her bank account was the final straw for the relationship.

According to the influencer, she had already discovered a number of betrayals by her ex before checking her bank statement. “It came to a point in the marriage where I told him: Look, I'm sure you won't be the father of my children. OK? “I reached the point in my relationship where I knew he was cheating on me and every time I found out,” said Patrícia.

She even recalled a situation that happened during a trip. “One week I traveled to São Paulo to work full time for a week and a follower sent a fake photo of him in a restaurant with another woman and sent it. So it was already disrespectful, hey, I'm a public person. People stopped him on the street to take photos, and he and a blonde girl had dinner here at Barra Shopping. “I understood that it was already at a level where respect had stopped a long time ago,” he described.

However, the limit was reached when Patrícia found out that her husband was using her money for online gambling. “The shock, so to speak, was when I found out he stole a lot of money from me to bet on a small game. When I looked at the balance, it was worth a brand new automatic car at the dealer. And then I said: Look, you've already cheated on me, beaten me and now you've robbed me. All you have to do is kill me. If you want to kill me in the kitchen, take the knife now and kill me. It's your chance. “That’s not happening today,” he said.

Patrícia Ramos shows injuries on her body (Photos: Reproduction/TV Globo)

According to the influencer, Diogo tried to get her forgiveness but she was determined to put an end to the marriage. “I said my friend is resigning. Then he left, he still tried to contact me, he asked for joint custody of Zoe, but that didn't happen,” he explained.

After the events of last year, Patrícia analyzed the past few months. “For me, this year could be summed up in two words: empowerment and maturity. So this year was a very turbulent and necessary year and thank God I survived it,” he emphasized.

And he concluded: “I sincerely hope to be remembered as an inspiration to women who have experienced similar situations, but I don't want to talk about it too much because I have other important topics that I want to talk about.” What What matters to me is the present and the future. I see that I have many options in front of me. I don't want to be drawn by just that. That's exactly why it took me so long to speak, because I said, 'Man, this is a blight on my career, this is a mark.' People will always remember that. And I was very afraid that people would feel sorry for me, that they would think I was a poor thing, and that was never my focus, that was never my goal.”

Patrícia Ramos and Diogo Vitório separated after five years of dating. News of the couple's split came days after a video showing the businessman accompanied by two women at a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro went viral online. Note the case by clicking here.