1703941221 Piero Quispe39s heartfelt letter to Universitario upon his arrival at

Piero Quispe's heartfelt letter to Universitario upon his arrival at Pumas: "There is only one big one"

Piero Quispe39s heartfelt letter to Universitario upon his arrival at

What some Cream fans feared came true: Piero Quispe was announced as the new player for Pumas de México. After a great year with the Merengue team, The 22-year-old midfielder decided to gain his first experience abroad. Therefore, before you start this journey, He left an emotional message for the club where he was born as a footballer.

Piero Quispe and the emotional farewell words for Universitario

Through their social networks Piero Quispe He released a moving video to commemorate the most beautiful moments he experienced in the “U” in 2023, the year in which he achieved the 27th star, and accompanied this release with some touching words.

“I have a lot of mixed emotions because I have to say goodbye to my beloved club and that is not an easy thing. Universitario de Deportes is my home, it is my life. The club that I love and will always love. I had a dream.” “As a child, I fulfilled it: to become national champion with the 'U',” can be read at the beginning of his post on Instagram.

He later remarked that joining the Pumas was the best decision for his career and left fans an encouraging message. “I'm taking a big step in my career, I have to play abroad for the first time in a big club with a lot of history. I love you, the cream of my life. And don't forget how big there is only one.” . And give him “You will always listen!” he concluded.

Piero Quispe's first words upon his arrival in Mexico

After his arrival on Mexican soil, Piero Quispe was welcomed by a media group to meet the Pumas' new signing. In front of them, the Peruvian midfielder indicated that he would strive to secure a place in the team. “I will work hard to win over the fans. You won't love me just because I'm from Peru. You have to see me play“, replied.

How much did Pumas Universitario pay for the transfer of Piero Quispe?

According to journalist Gustavo Peralta, Piero Quispe's transfer to Pumas amounts to around $2,000,000. Likewise, the Merengue team saves 10% for a future sale of the player. In this sense, the midfielder was the most expensive sale in Universitario's history.