Pippo Baudo the friendship with Costanzo began with an interview

Pippo Baudo, the friendship with Costanzo, began with an interview: “At that time we made incantations on TV: he was a giant of culture”

«Do you know who gave me the first important interview? Only him, Maurizio,” he recalls Goofy Baudo on the day of Costanzo’s disappearance, with which he declares that there was never any rivalry, quite the contrary. In an interview with Mattia Marzi on Il Messaggero, the conductor recalls this first meeting: “It was 1960, the year of the Olympic Games in Rome. Maurizio wrote in the weekly Grazia. He was the first great character I met: our friendship was born that way». The last time the two Italian TV giants met in person in front of the cameras was in 1998, when Costanzo hosted him on an episode of the talk show L’Interview, one of the journalist’s most recent programs. At the time, there was room for a gag between the two as they shared a photo Mike Bongiorno, Enzo Tortora and Corrado from 1967 from the variety program “Saturday evening”, management: mineCostanzo had commented: “Looking at these pictures, I realized that we are both alive. Shall we do incantations? Tie, tie, tie. Just to stay calm.” The 86-year-old Sicilian conductor remembers this moment with emotion: “We burst out laughing. As always, he was generous: we went through all the stages of my career and my life together Document in which two great directors, Antonello Falqui and Lino Procacci, shared their feelings after the audition I did at Rai: “Good presence, good video, discrete vocals, discrete piano. It can be used in smaller programs”. It wasn’t a rejection, but it wasn’t a big promotion either.”

The relationship between Baudo and Costanzo

Baudo assures us that the relationship between the two has always been friendly from the very first meeting: “We shared a relationship of mutual respect. We respected each other. And for me, Maurizio was always an inspiration. He was intelligent, perceptive and very generous. I must have been to the Costanzo Show at least twenty, thirty times. On every occasion he gave everyone a gadget, a lucky shell: I have a collection of these. Parioli was a world unto itself: there were intertwined stories, characters sui generis that captivated viewers. We all owe him something: it was revolutionary.”

The Discovery of Death

When he found out about Costanzo’s death, Baudo tells of his astonishment: “I was speechless. I was not expecting that. I immediately thought of Maria. No one would have bet on their love because of their very different personalities, instead it was a lasting, very strong bond.” And given the legacy Costanzo is leaving behind, Pippo Baudo has no doubts: “Everything he gave to the show: the songs, the scripts, the films. Not just a TV giant is leaving the country, but Italian culture. And then his commitment to work, understood as a service for the whole country, will remain.”

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