Rebel Moon Netflix What does the end of part 1

Rebel Moon (Netflix): What does the end of part 1 mean about the robot Jimmy and the antlers on his head? – Télé leisure

The first part of the Rebel Moon film leaves Netflix subscribers with a lot of questions. One of them involves Jimmy, the robot we see with the antlers in the finale. But what is the reason?

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Rebel Moon: Child of Fire was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films at the end of 2023! What a joy for science fiction fans to finally discover this new Star Wars-like novelty on Netflix. However, Zack Snyder, the director of the feature film, has not told this story in full as a second part is expected on the streaming platform on April 19, 2024. The ending of this first film left viewers with many questions since a rich universe with many characters was introduced. Among these, a robot caught our attention. This is Jimmy, the android, voiced by the great Anthony Hopkins in the original version. Although he is not very present in this first part, he still makes a notable and mysterious appearance in the final minutes. What does that mean?

Who is Jimmy the robot in the Netflix Rebel Moon films?

In Rebel MoonThe robots called Jimmy were created long ago to serve the king and in particular to protect the future Princess Issa. But when they were murdered, the robots lost all reason for existence and refused to take part in any violence, even if it was an order from a member of the Empire led by Regent Balisarius or even just to defend themselves. However, when Kora fought the Empire's soldiers on Veldt to save the girl, Jimmy couldn't help but help her too by fighting. But after that we don't see him again in the film and he stays behind when Kora goes looking for warriors. Only at the end does he reappear in a wheat field, wearing a cloak and a headgear made of deer antlers. No explanation is given and it is unclear what happened to him during Kora's absence on Veldt.

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A longer, uncensored version of Rebel Moon Part 1: Child of Fire will be released on Netflix soon

With that ending and that image of Jimmy with his antlers, there's no doubt that the robot will have a much more important story arc Rebel Moon Part 2: The Slasher. In the trailer for the second part we see him in particular with his antlers. Even if he seems to be just as important in the first part, even though we don't see him often, the American press has suggested that we could find out more about him in the long and uncensored version of the film, which will be released later on Netflix. Jimmy would have more scenes there that would flesh out his plot on Veldt and explain some kind of awakening of his character. Let's hope, because otherwise we'll have to wait for the release of the second feature film to finally understand what happened to him.