Reporter molested at carnival leaves Rekord and signs contract with SBT Splash

Reporter Rodrigo de Luna, who was harassed after being forcibly kissed on the mouth while covering the Recife Carnival on TV Guararapes, a Pernambuco subsidiary of Record, left the channel and signed a deal with TV Jornal , a subsidiary of SBT in the state. He has previously appeared on national television on SBT.

Luna says the case had zero weight in her decision to switch jobs. “The forced kiss episode that happened on the eve of carnival was something that had a lot of repercussions! But it hasn’t affected my change in any way. The decision was made before it even happened,” he says syringes.

There are plans to reedit the partnership with the former colleague who joined SBT from Record in 2021. Rodrigo de Luna says he will be on the show “Por Aqui” presented at lunchtime by Fábio Araújo, his former colleague at TV Guararapes.

“We had a very nice partnership in the past and when he changed channels he had already suggested I go with him. Now that invitation has been accepted and we’re going to do a very cool job,” he says. He will also be appearing on “TV Jornal Meio Dia” commanded by Anne Barreto.

TV experience alongside street reporting is the other motivation for changing jobs. “I won’t stop being a reporter, because reporting is in my veins. But new projects are on the way, which made me very happy,” he clarifies.

The “contract for life” joke.

Rodrigo’s arrival at the new channel, where he had already been an intern, made colleagues joke and even led to a “lifetime contract” to be signed live on TV.

My move surprised many people. Then they joked that I only agreed because I would get a millionaire salary and because I had a contract of at least ten years. I laughed heartily at the joke Rodrigo de Luna


Rodrigo Luna is kissed live by an interviewee during the Carnival in Recife Image: Reproduction/TV Guararapes

The moment of the powerful kiss was recalled by presenter Chris Flores on Fofocalizando (SBT) yesterday as he made his national debut on the station.

“I saw some pictures, we even have a photo. He worked there and was also attacked. It wasn’t with a shell or a microphone, it was with a kiss. He was there trying to do his job, suddenly a passion aroused in the interviewee and it was grabbed. Rodrigo, are you still engaged?” Chris asked.

“Everything worked out, the ring is still on my finger, so everything is fine. When I got home there were no problems. [A mulher do beijo forçado] It’s a former viewer of ours who got excited and showed affection that way, which isn’t accurate. Kissing without wanting to surprise the other is not right, we know it’s harassment. But I spoke to her, explained [isso]said the newcomer to SBT.