Ricardo Ventura analyzes the girl claiming to be MADELEINE McCANN

Ricardo Ventura analyzes the girl claiming to be MADELEINE McCANN Criminal Sciences Channel

16 years ago the disappearance of the British woman Madeleine McCann fascinate the world. She, who was vacationing in Portugal with her family, disappeared on May 3, 2007, just before her fourth birthday, in Praia da Luz, a tourist resort in the south of the European country.

To this day, the exact circumstances of the disappearance remain vague, and various hypotheses for his disappearance have been explored.

Turnaround in Madeleine McCann case: Family of young man claiming to be Madeleine refuses to take DNA test

The girl was in the hotel room with her then twoyearold twin brothers when she disappeared. At the time of his disappearance, his parents, doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, were out for dinner at a restaurant near the hotel.

In midApril, a man was charged in Germany at the request of the Portuguese judiciary for the disappearance of Madeleine.

As of 2020, German authorities have claimed they have evidence of Madeleine’s murder, pointing to a repeat German pedophile identified as Christian B.

Brueckner was already in prison for raping a 72yearold American tourist where McCann disappeared two years earlier. The Portuguese authorities supported the German investigation and showed that, according to telephone records, Brueckner was in the region at the time of the crime.

Recently, the case had a new episode. A young Polish woman named Julia Faustyna, 21, created a profile on the social network, explaining that she believed she was the missing girl. Julia posted videos and montages on her Instagram profile to try to prove the similarities of her physical features with those of the British woman.

However, authorities believe the young woman is not Madeleine, but the case is still under investigation.

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