Russia accuses Ukraine of attacks on civilians and use of

Russia accuses Ukraine of attacks on civilians and use of cluster bombs at United Nations .com

A Russia blamed Ukraine during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council held this Saturday (30) at the request of Moscow to attack civilian areas of the city of Belgorod on the border and use cluster bombs.

Russia asserted that Ukraine attacked Belgorod with rockets and missiles on the same day, leaving at least 21 dead and dozens injured. And he guaranteed that this attack would not go “unpunished.”

“It was a deliberate and indiscriminate attack on a civilian target,” Russian U.N. Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya said, explaining that Kiev attacked a sports center, an ice rink and a university.

“The members of the UN Security Council have the opportunity to fulfill their duty and assess the damage inflicted on a Russian city, Belgorod,” he added, showing a QR code that led to a video of his According to opinion a video of it was sequences of the attack.

Ukraine's allies quickly responded by claiming that Russia had triggered the war.

The French representative said that Kiev was simply defending itself in accordance with UN laws, while Moscow was “trampling” the UN Charter.

Ukraine, which has been resisting the Russian invasion for almost two years and was the target of a huge Russian attack with missiles and drones this Friday (29), has not officially commented on the attack on Belgorod.

This Russian city lies about 30 km from the border with Ukraine and has been hit several times by Kiev's forces in what Moscow describes as indiscriminate shelling.

“The longer the war continues, the more Ukrainian and Russian civilians will be killed,” UN Deputy SecretaryGeneral Mohamed Khiari said, warning that “there are very real risks that this war will escalate and spill over.”

Unconfirmed footage showed a street filled with rubble and smoke from burnedout cars in the city center, while a large explosion could be heard in footage from vehiclemounted cameras posted on social media.

AFP could not immediately confirm the circumstances of the attack, one of the deadliest on Russian territory since hostilities against Ukraine began in February 2022.

According to Russia, two Vilkha missiles and Czechmade missiles were used in the attack.