Russia reports fifty attacks in Ukraine in a week one

Russian anti aircraft forces shoot down 32 Ukrainian drones in four regions of the country

Moscow, December 30 (EFE). – According to the Ministry of Defense, Russian air defense forces shot down 32 Ukrainian drones today in the Moscow, Bryansk, Kursk and Orlov regions.

Ukraine used fixed-wing drones to attack Russian territory, which the military's statement described as a “terrorist attack.”

Kiev was responding to the wave of massive bombings carried out by the Russian army on Friday against the Ukrainian capital and the country's main cities, the largest in the entire war as Moscow used about 160 missiles and drones.

More specifically, the UN Security Council met urgently this Friday to discuss these attacks, which have caused at least 30 civilian deaths and 160 injuries.

The UN Secretary General strongly condemned the attack, and US President Joe Biden joined the criticism.

Russian bombing damaged residential areas in Ukraine, a maternity hospital, schools, daycare centers, parks, a subway station, a shopping center and energy infrastructure, causing power outages in various parts of the country.

This week, Ukrainian aviation sank a Russian Black Sea Fleet landing ship, the Novocherkassk, in a port on the annexed Crimean peninsula, an attack that killed dozens of sailors, according to independent sources.EFE