Samsung SSD promotion 53 on the 980 Pro which is

Samsung SSD promotion: -53% on the 980 Pro, which is 2TB in size and is perfect for the PS5! –

Good news: Samsung SSD promotion: 53% off the 980 Pro, which is 2TB in size and is perfect for the PS5!

Published on December 30, 2023 at 4:10 p.m


Are you a little cramped in your PC or PS5? There is a ready solution for this: purchasing and installing a new SSD. And for once the Samsung 980 Pro is perfect, in addition to the 2TB and the reduced price on Amazon!

Check out the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSD on Amazon

The Samsung 980 TB SSD with -53% at Amazon!

Goodbye to the loyal hard drives that have served bravely for decades! We are now in the age of SSDs, a transition that began several years ago and is now seeing a huge leap forward. Small reminder: on the one hand we have SATA SSDs and on the other NVMe SSDs, which are known for their superior performance, although their cost is often higher.

The Samsung 980 Pro is a widely recognized model in the field of NVMe SSDs, with a storage capacity of 2TB and compatible with PCs and PS5. Normally marketed for 278.20 euros, Amazon is currently offering it at a special price of just 129.99 euros. This represents a massive 53% reduction: It's very interesting and should really change your life!

Find the 2TB Samsung 980 Pro at a special price on Amazon

Everything you need to know about the 980 Pro, Samsung's famous NVMe SSD

Thanks to its interface PCIe 4.0we can say that the Samsung 980 Pro is an exceptionally fast SSD: its reading speed reaches up to 7000 MB per second And its writing speed is up to 5000 MB per second. It's even faster, so to speak, than the PlayStation 5's internal SSD, which is already very efficient. This allows you to copy and install data at lightning speed or even benefit from almost zero loading times for video games.

It is also important that an SSD maintains optimal performance over time. The Samsung 980 Pro has an advantage in this regard V-NAND memory technology and an optimized thermal design. This means it maintains its performance over a long period of time, dissipates heat effectively and ensures real speed even during intensive use. In addition, it comes withcomes with a 5-year warranty and supports up to 6TB write capacity. You should have something to do.

Finally, the last big argument: the compatibility of this very practical little object. The Samsung 980 Pro takes over a M.2 2280 format, compact and compatible with most PC motherboards. Its other big advantage is that it is perfect for PlayStation 5: You can therefore install it in your PS5 in addition to the original SSD, which will drastically increase the storage space. Of course, it's particularly convenient to be able to install dozens of games without having to delete them due to space constraints!

Check out the Samsung SSD 980 Pro 2TB promotion on Amazon

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