Scott says Republicans dont deserve to rule if they dont

Scott says Republicans “don’t deserve to rule” if they don’t have a plan

CPAC Sen. Rick Scott said Republicans who do not think the party needs a specific political agenda to bring Congress back to by-elections ‘they don’t deserve to rule.’

The chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Commission (NRSC) highlighted his own 11-item agenda, released this week, saying: the road to the collapse of America, we don’t really deserve to rule.

“Washington is full of people who do nothing, who believe that no conservative change can ever happen.” Florida the Republican said in an address to the Conference on Conservative Political Action (CPAC).

This is a clear break from minority senator Mitch McConnell, who has refrained from releasing GOP agenda in the hope that Democrats they will crash to the ground.

In January, when asked what the party’s plan was if it returned to power, the Kentucky Republican joked, “I’ll let you know when we get it back.”

Scott says Republicans dont deserve to rule if they dont

“Washington is full of people doing nothing who believe that no conservative change can happen,” Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott said in an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Scott highlighted his own 11-item agenda, published this week, saying:

Scott highlighted his own 11-item agenda, published this week, saying: “If Republicans return to Washington’s business, as usual, if we have no bigger plan than to be a speed bump on the road to America’s collapse, we in fact, they do not deserve to rule

Scott takes a picture with a fan at CPAC, the annual Conservative Gathering in Orlando, Florida.

Scott takes a picture with a fan at CPAC, the annual Conservative Gathering in Orlando, Florida.

“I’m a businessman,” Scott said. “I believe we just have to have a plan. We can’t just do our best and just hope for the best. ‘

IN agenda includes a combination of classic republican priorities – downsizing the federal government and passing national laws to identify voters – and measures for cultural warfare, such as declaring “gender”, completing the border wall and its name Donald Trump and limiting most federal workers, including members of Congress, to 12 years of service.

Democrats took advantage of part of a plan that required all Americans to pay income tax. “All Americans have to pay some kind of income tax to have skin in the game, even a small amount. At present, more than half of Americans do not pay income tax, the plan said.

McConnell believes the best way for Republicans to take the only Senate seat they need to regain a majority is to turn the election into a referendum on President Biden. With inflation, spending, the evacuation from Afghanistan and the now-Ukrainian-Russian crisis, scarce figures in presidential polls show no signs of improvement.

So far, 30 Democrats in the House of Representatives have announced their resignation in a demonstration of low expectations for the by-elections, compared to 13 Republicans.

But other priorities in Scott’s plan include requiring students to swear an oath of allegiance every day, requiring them to stand for the national anthem, banning the government from requesting a competition for application documents and “reimbursing” law enforcement.

Scott also launched a full-blown attack on Democrats during his speeches at the CPAC.

“The military left wing of our country has become an internal enemy,” Scott said. The military left has now taken control of our economy, culture and our country. When you broadcast the news at night, do you recognize the country you see? he asked. The crowd shouted a resounding “NO.”

“They want to end the American experiment,” he said. The military left is the modern version of book burners. These are the narrowest and most intolerant people our country has ever seen.

“Those Democrats who have no idea how the real world works are behaving as if they have just invented socialism,” he continued.

All this makes you wonder, is this the end of America? Scott asked. “Well, it may be, but only if we let it.”

Scott acknowledged in a speech that his plan could “instill fear in the hearts of some Republicans” as conservative priorities could repel some Democrats and independent voters.

However, he says his priorities are in line with those of American families. “That’s what people think, by the way,” he said after launching the plan. “If you talk to a normal, unawakened family, they think so.”

House of Representatives minority leader Kevin McCarthy is expected to announce his own program in the coming weeks.

Scott did not criticize McConnell’s approach and insisted he had a “good working relationship” with the Republican leader.

“As a general rule, you know, this year’s election will probably be very much on Biden’s agenda. But I believe we will win, “Scott said.” We need to have a plan and what we are trying to do when we get the majority. ”

And Democrats took advantage of the lack of a Republican agenda.

“We are currently competing against the Republican Party. And I think Mitch McConnell has been quoted as saying that they are not on any agenda, “said Gary Peters (D-Mich.), Chairman of the Senatorial Committee on the Democratic Campaign. “So if you are not on the agenda, you are not offering anything for the future, for the people of the country.”

In January, Biden asked, “What are Republicans for?” After his plan to switch to his Build Back Better program failed.

“I did not expect there to be such a determined effort to make sure that the most important thing is that President Biden has done nothing,” Biden said in a public statement. “Think about it: what are Republicans for?” What are they for? Tell me one thing they are for.

He quoted New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu, R, as saying to the Washington Examiner that he had decided not to run for the Senate after talking to Republican senators and learning that their plan for the next two years if they win conversely, the majority focuses on obstructing Biden more than pursuing any political priority.

“For the most part, they were all happy with the speed with which they did nothing. It was very clear that we just had to keep the line for two years. Okay, so I’m just going to be a barrier for two years. I’m not doing that, “Sununu said.