Singer Rosana opens up about career halt after attacks on her looks: ‘They attack me more than they accept me’

A success in the ’80s, Rosana returned to open herself on social networks about the attacks she was subjected to for her looks. At 68, the singer of the hit ‘Como uma Deusa’ has expressed great anger at the public who have criticized her looks after she reappeared on TV alongside Deborah Secco in ‘Lip Sync’, a picture by ‘Domingão com Huck’. , in the last week.

“Goodbye. Since they attack me more than accept me, I say goodbye. Thank you to all the people who have supported me on this artistic journey,” Rosana wrote in a comment on an Instagram post.

Rosana vents herself on the internet Rosana spreads across the web Photo: ReproductionInstagram

The singer’s participation in “Domingão” has sparked conversations on social networks, with many netizens commenting on her current 68yearold look.

“Rosana on ‘Domingão’ I almost didn’t recognize her,” one follower wrote on Twitter. “Rosana is very different,” posted another. “The woman looks like wax,” said a third.

Singer Rosana reappears on TV and visually surprises the web: “I almost didn’t recognize it”

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Some fans have even bet that she did facial harmonizing. Others have compared her to Human Ken.

Cheteada, Rosana deleted the photo she posted with Luciano Huck and also refused to speak to the press. She had also made another outburst and stated that she would take action.

“I will not put up with the repression of goodfornothings who insult the public on the Internet! Today, stupid gossip, even if it’s on the internet, is a crime. of those who immediately send a process uninformed and unoccupied offended me on her profile and is so stupid that she flagged it. I followed her! She apologized. I won’t apologize! I’ll put it in the hands of my attorney,” he posted.

Rosana with Luciano Huck Rosana with Luciano Huck Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram

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Singer Rosana Fiengo, famous for the hit Singer Rosana Fiengo, famous for the hit “O amor eo Poder” Photo: Advertisement Vera Fischer and singer Rosana Vera Fischer and singer Rosana Singer Rosana talks about stopping her career after attacks on her appearance Singer Rosana talks career stop after attacks on her appearance Photo: ReproductionInstagram