Sophie wears a wedding ring and stays with her daughters

Sophie wears a wedding ring and stays with her daughters in Taylor Swift’s New York home – Hindustan Times

Actress Sophie Turner is living in an apartment in New York as her divorce battle with her estranged husband, singer Joe Jonas, continues. According to Page Six, it belongs to singer Taylor Swift, who lent it to Sophie. Several pictures of Sophie and her daughters outside the building appeared online. (Also read | That’s what Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner named their second daughter)

Sophie lives with Willa and Delphine in Taylor’s apartment

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According to the report, the Tribeca pad is Taylor Swift’s investment property and is located in her downtown New York City neighborhood. Several photos showed Sophie carrying her older daughter Willa out of the building and into a car on Wednesday. She was also accompanied by another woman carrying Sophie’s younger daughter, 14-month-old Delphine.

Two suitcases and a folded travel cot were also taken out of the building and stored in the car. Before waving goodbye to her children, Sophie helped them buckle up. Then she went back into the apartment.

Sophie seen with her wedding ring again

According to Dailymail, Sophie was also seen wearing her wedding ring as she saw off her children. The actor wore a dark blue sweatshirt, yellow shorts and sneakers. According to the report, Sophie later took off the wedding ring while stepping out with a friend.

Sophie recently sued Joe

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A few days ago, Sophie sued Joe Jonas to have her two girls returned to England. She claimed Joe refused to hand over her passports. She has asked the judge to put the divorce on hold as her children are at the center of an “international child abduction” prosecution. The court documents were filed just days before the estranged couple agreed to keep their girls in New York while they worked out their divorce and custody agreements.

On September 25, the former couple signed a temporary restraining order prohibiting both of them from transporting their children out of state. They are scheduled to appear in court next week for a preliminary hearing. Sophie spent a lot of time with Taylor.

Sophie and Joe divorce

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On September 5, Joe filed for divorce from Sophie, claiming their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” The next day, the pair issued a joint statement calling their split “a mutual decision.” “After four wonderful years of marriage, we have decided together to end our marriage amicably,” they both said on Instagram. “There are many speculative narratives as to why, but it is truly a shared decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our desire for privacy for ourselves and our children.”

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