1677448254 Spain falls to Italy in the final qualifier for the

Spain falls to Italy in the final qualifier for the 2023 World Cup

Spain falls to Italy in the final qualifier for the

The less recognizable Spanish team lost to Italy (68-72) in their second qualifier for the 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup between the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia this Sunday in Cáceres. Both teams reached the last game that had already qualified for the competition and with this result the two teams end up in Group L with 8 wins and 2 losses, with Spain being favored on average against Italy.

Guglielmo Caruso was the game’s top scorer with 19 points and was instrumental in Italy’s victory, with all players scoring. Tyson Pérez (15 points and 8 rebounds) and Juan Núñez (15 points and 8 rebounds) shone for Spain. The home fans were very fond of the team in which Cáceres-born Alex Reyes made his debut, especially Alberto Díaz, who led the attack with 4 points in the first five minutes of the game, heralding a low score from the start. A three-pointer from Joel Parra and free-throws from Miquel Salvó made it 13-7, the widest lead yet for a Spanish team who grew to like it and led the first quarter 16-13.

Eric Vila was soon charged with fouls with two virtually back-to-back contacts in the second quarter, while in Italy an indestructible Caruso led his team with 9 first-half points. A 2+1 result from the 23-year-old Italian center ended the game at 18, after which Spain quickly responded with two threes in under a minute (24-18). However, the local team continued to commit fouls and gave the Azurra second chances, free throws and rebounds which Italy didn’t miss as they stayed on the scoreboard with a good defense and exhausted Spain’s possession.

Despite Tyson Pérez’s good first half (with 8 points and 4 rebounds in this phase), Spain saw their advantage wiped out at half-time after a dunk by Mouhamet Diuf and a three-pointer by Tomas Woldetensae that gave the visitors a 29-33 lead make . In the second half, which started with a Salvó three-pointer, Marco Spissu ended up injured while coach Scariolo got a technique out of desperation, seeing the rivals increasing their lead as second chances were granted and access from Spain in bonuses very soon.

Spain went into a zone defense in the third quarter to see if they could master the defensive rebound. A 2+1 from Pérez and the subsequent goal from Caruso left the game open for the last ten minutes (44:52). The final quarter began with Italy hitting the outside shot again and Pérez pulling the Spanish car, giving the visitors a 44-57 lead. A rebound from Juan Núñez would bring the deficit back to under ten points. The young point guard tried to complete a comeback together with Ferrán Bassa, which ultimately failed for Spain, who could not reduce the deficit to less than four points (68:72).

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