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Spypoint, an excellent partner for hunting – Le Journal de Québec

One of the best ways to be successful at big game hunting is undoubtedly prospecting. Unfortunately, we cannot constantly be on site and monitor game movements. In this regard, there is a unique hunting partner, the Spypoint company.

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When Yan Gagnon began his adventure in Victoriaville 20 years ago, he had only one goal: to make his hunting camera company the best in the world. Today, Spypoint is the world’s leading brand of mobile wildlife cameras. It revolutionized the hunting industry by making mobile prospecting accessible to everyone.

As usual, the company is launching in 2023 with a new generation of even more efficient cameras, including the new FLEX-S, “its jewel,” as Jean-François Boyer, vice president of marketing of the company, mentions.

Certainly the addition of the solar panel is an important advantage. This allows you to view photos and videos and know that you don’t have to travel regularly to check the batteries. The internal lithium battery is constantly powered by the solar panel. You can add the holder for eight AA batteries or the LIT-22 lithium battery also installed.


The quality of the photos is remarkable, as can be seen in the section featuring this imposing adult man who appeared in the picture during his tour. Photo provided by Spypoint.

Instant Mode was highly anticipated by hunters. This allows you to make requests to the camera on demand, including status updates and photo and video previews. Through the application you can request that a photo or video be taken and sent to you immediately.

Videos and photo previews are sent in standard mode like other cameras. They are therefore in constant contact. Installation and maintenance are easy.


Another camera seeing new life in 2023 is the more popular LM2.

It is based on the same basis as the LINK MICRO camera, which revolutionized the hunting camera market by offering 20 MP photos. An improved antenna has been added to make camera performance better than ever.

The use of cellular cameras with Spypoint’s LINK-MICRO series has changed the game. It is now offered in various cameras that can work with a cellular connection.

Hunting enthusiasts who cannot rely on a regular cell phone signal are not left out. The Force-Pro-S is a versatile and robust camera that meets your needs. It takes photos at 30MP and has 4K, 2K and 1080p video settings, just like the popular Force Pro. Adding a solar panel significantly extends the battery life of the device and saves on purchasing batteries.

Not forgetting the FLEX G-36, much appreciated by hunters, which can now count on longer battery life, not to mention improved connectivity and higher resolution.


Equipped with its solar panel that charges the lithium battery (included), the Flex-S ensures that you receive your photos and videos in real time without having to worry about changing the battery. Photo provided by Spypoint

Photo quality is now 36MP, taking photos used by hunters to the next level. 1080p videos are also transmitted in high quality through the Spypoint application. The responsive shutter button automatically configures camera settings based on the exact conditions at the time the photo was taken to deliver the best quality every time. This camera features continuous recording technology that allows it to capture photos and videos even while broadcasting.

These cameras represent only part of the Spypoint range. The best place to visit is spypoint.com. There you will find all models for sale as well as parts and service offers that you can add if necessary.

One thing is for sure: this company has truly conquered the trail camera market worldwide. Today it is available at all hunting and fishing stores in North America.

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