Stefano De Martino without brakes on Belen Rodriguez Thats how

Stefano De Martino without brakes on Belen Rodriguez: “That’s how it is in bed…” Unexpected revelation

Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez have been back together for a few months, much to the delight of their many admirers.

Stefano De Martino without brakes on Belen Rodriguez Thats how

Their story has been troubled to say the least, full of ups and downs, but at the end of the day they always found a way to reunite. Now Stefano De Martino makes intimate confessions that let us understand a little more about their relationship.

The relationship between Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez ten years after they first met continues to hold the court among Italian gossip news. A few months ago, the two got back together again but they have decided to maintain the strictest confidentiality about their relationship, which has been discussed too much over time.

Their social appearances are therefore properly sipped they prefer to keep their relationship private without giving explanations to anyone. In fact, Rodriguez had a very important history with him after their second breakup Antonino Spinalbese, currently locked up in the big brother house, with whom she became the mother of a girl named Luna Marie a second time.

The relationship with De Martino has therefore inevitably changed, since there is another child living in the house next to Santiago, who is not the daughter of the former dancer. Stefano always admitted that for Luna Marie He’s like an uncle trying to support his wife without replacing her father Antonino.

In the meantime, both are very busy professionally and maybe that’s it the key to their success for this second reconciliation. She just finished the season with hyenashistorical program that leads along with Teo MamucarJust like she was a great protagonist for this issue of the show produced by Maria De Filippi, Tu Si Que Vales.

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De Martino, on the other hand, has finally given up his career as a dancer to devote himself entirely to that of a conductor. Stefano is engaged in the Bar Stella program after the success of the comedy show Stasera Tutto è possibile. The couple have also found a nice balance in their marriage for the professional goals that Rodriguez himself has declared.

To his confessions are added those of De Martino, who a Vanity Fair published a very nice interview also involving his wife Belen.

Statements by Stefano De Martino

Always very careful about what to say in interviews, Stefano De Martino has made intimate confessions about his current relationship with Belen Rodriguez, who he never actually divorced.

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Here’s what he said: “There’s been a lot of talk about personal life over the years. Now that you and I have a defined work identity, it would be a shame if the focus shifted to a live kiss or hug. The subject is so exhausted and exhausted that we both have different things to say. We try to focus on the good things that we try to do in our work.”

And again, the conductor went even further in relation to their bond: “We have different tastes, not to mention that in the evenings as soon as I lie down I go into a coma. You can handle the remote control more easily. Since I travel a lot between Milan and Naples for work, I watch my series and solve them this way when I’m alone.

Different lifestyles that are there right now though Adults manage to mingle in the best of ways in the name of a love that never really ended.