Striscia la Notia Why the Tissue Paper Made a Poignant

Striscia la Notia: Why the Tissue Paper Made a Poignant Dedication to Maria De Filippi (Video)

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Today, February 24th, a new episode of “Strip the News”, which certainly differed from the others after the announcement of the death of Maurice Costanzo. At the end of the program, instead of the acronym, the conductors Sergio Friscia and Roberto Lipari gave the floor to the two Showgirls Cosmary Fasanelli and Anastasia Ronca. The two young women dedicated a thought to the late journalist’s wife, Maria DeFilippi, interrupting her usual dance performance. In particular, the dark-haired tissue had the opportunity to get to know Maria ad personally “Friends” last year when she took part in the talent show as a dancer in the team of Alessandra Celentano. Remembering the moments spent together Cosmary spoke some exciting words for the moderator.

The former student of the “Amici” school said she had the opportunity to do so spend a long time along with De Filippi and after I could see theirs firsthand great sensitivity over other. He also expressed himself affection and be Vicinity to the moderator originally from Pavia, who thanks her for it Great support that he gave her last year. “You’re a great woman and you’ve been a reference point,” added Cosmary. Finally, the handkerchief wanted to greet Maria with the hope of being able to meet in person and show your support even more tangibly:

I can’t do anything but offer you my deepest condolences and send you a hug. I hope that maybe one day there will be a way to see each other so we can make this virtual hug a reality. I love you. A kiss for you and also for Maurizio.

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The creator of Striscia la Notia, Anthony RicciAlready this morning he had greeted the “lord of television” with these words: “Indefatigable and inexhaustible. With the Costanzo Show he staged one of the most beautiful variety shows ever and gave us a whole new perspective on Italy.” He also recounted the hilarious answer the journalist gave him when asked why he said “Happy Sunday”. was like, “What else should I do? I leave there on Sunday afternoons”.

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo: 30 years together

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo They met at the Venice Film Festival for a conference on piracy. In the end, the two had lunch together and Costanzo immediately proposed to his future wife to work with him in Rome. Maurizio was then married to Marta Flavi, but fell madly in love with Maria. From there began his long love affair with Maria De Filippi. After two years of engagement, the couple married on August 28, 1995 in the municipality of Rome and have remained together until today, February 24, when the presenter had to say goodbye to her partner.