Sweden promises to give quotapproximatelyquot ten Leopard 2A5 tanks to

Sweden promises to give "approximately" ten Leopard 2A5 tanks to Ukraine military zone

Sweden promises to give quotapproximatelyquot ten Leopard 2A5 tanks to

Since Berlin allowed the formation of a “Leopard coalition” bringing together the countries that had Leopard 2 tanks ready to supply them to the Ukrainian army so that it could deploy at least two battalions against Russian forces , keep the promise currently not stated goals.

First, although they have indicated that they would join this “coalition”, some countries are reluctant to specify their intentions… And when they do, the number of tanks they promise to deliver – and at an uncertain time – appears. weak… At least when they say so. Canada has committed to delivering four Leopard 2s, as has Spain, which has announced delivery of six.

But others, like the Netherlands and Denmark, have counted on it when considering donating 18 and 6 of their Leopard 2A6s, respectively. As for Finland, the three examples it just promised aren’t main battle tanks… but Leopard 2s modified for demining.

However, as of February 24, Poland has just delivered the first four Leopard 2A4s to the Ukrainian army out of the fourteen it had promised… and is complaining of “serious” difficulties in obtaining the spare parts needed to keep it operational. [MCO].

For its part, Germany announced on the same day that it would increase its contribution by four additional units [soit 18 Leopard 2A6]. This “allows the deployment of a complete battalion of 31 tanks in coordination with Portugal and Sweden,” argued the German Defense Ministry.

Because, in fact, Stockholm has announced its intention to deliver about ten Stridsvagn 122 tanks to Kiev [version suédoise du Leopard 2A5] the 121 owned by his ground forces. As well as the Hawk and Iris-T air defense systems.

As a reminder, Sweden has already promised to hand over 50 infantry fighting vehicles to the Ukrainian army [VCI] CV-90 and a dozen Archer self-propelled howitzers [muni d’un canon de 155 mm, ndlr].

Either way, “Swedish tanks amplify the Leopard 2 contribution made by other European countries. Coordination of support with international partners donating Leopard 2 or other tanks is underway,” said Stockholm, who will do everything possible to send this military aid as soon as possible.