Sylvie Leonards telenostalgia the privilege of having played Bulle in

Sylvie Léonard’s telenostalgia: the privilege of having played Bulle in Traboulidon

It was not because she was small that Sylvie Léonard was fooled by the characters that came to life on television. Aware that there were actors behind the masks and under the costumes, she never shied away from the joy of having stories told. And it still is today…

Which children’s programs influenced you?

Bobino and La Boîte à Surprise were sacred. It was the discovery of the imaginary. What was amazing was that even though I was very young and getting involved in all the stories, I understood that it was people doing it. For example, I never thought that Fanfreluche really existed.

French luche

Photo by Radio Canada

French luche

I could believe she really existed, but I knew she was an actress because that’s what I wanted to do in life, to embody characters. I’m still like that today; When I engage in a fiction, I totally engage.

What are your fondest television memories from your childhood?

I also heard Le monde de Marcel Dubé when I was very young. We dated in front of the TV. I was very moved to know that it went into every house and that everyone heard it. And I discovered all the teletheaters.

Did you watch too much TV when you were young?

No, because there was very strict discipline at home. And we didn’t have 50 TVs… But there were appointments and things that my parents allowed me to watch. I wasn’t addicted to screens. I enjoyed watching TV and repeating what I saw with my friends.

Was there an actor or actress when you were young who influenced you?

I’ve always admired Hélène Loiselle. I admired his game, his intensity.

Hélène Loiselle as a witch in Franfreluche

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Hélène Loiselle as a witch in Franfreluche

I could name Andrée Lachapelle, I could name many actresses, but I had a very strong affection for Hélène Loiselle. Anyone who has seen Fanfreluche remembers the witch she played.

Did you have a favorite character?

It was the character of Fanfreluche that made me want to become an actress. I was really very small and I was aware that it was someone playing a puppet. For me it was one of the first feminist roles. It was always the men who drove in children’s shows. I said to myself, “Ah, she’s the one who invented a storybook, who tells stories, who defines her path.” This is my first feminist and feminine character. I adored her. He’s my favorite character.

Is there a character you would have loved to play for children?

I’ve done it before: it’s Bulle in Traboulidon.

Sylvie Léonard as the Bull in Traboulidon

Photo taken from IMDB

Sylvie Léonard as the Bull in Traboulidon

It was daring: there were hardly any computers. Denis Mercier, my extracurricular teacher, and I had invented a video game, we had fallen into it and we were prisoners […] I don’t know if there are such disrespectful children’s shows these days, but I think we lack the madness. And it is important that it is didactic.

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